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Pangea develops software to manage in-store marketing communication for the grocery, wholesale, and various other retail industries.

Unengaging Content, Unengaged Leads

Pangea was experiencing multiple setbacks on their website and corresponding email marketing that was negatively impacting their digital impact. Their graphics and visuals weren’t very engaging; their text-to-image ratio was out of proportion, making their content difficult to engage with; their calls-to-action were not well-placed and did not yield high conversion rates; their copy was not effective, and did not utilize keywords appropriately.

Additionally, Pangea was missing a critical marketing component: a thorough lead nurture strategy. Without this critical component to keep prospects engaged, they were only sending one-off emails. These “one-and-done” messages acted as the end of the road for outreach, and no long-term engagement strategy was being facilitated.

All of this amounted to one major problem: Pangea’s website traffic and engagement was plummeting. Without the right content to get prospects interested and to keep them hooked, Pangea knew they were losing opportunities and that it was time to bring in an expert to get them back on track.



The numerous digital marketing teams at Vonazon worked together to create a customized strategy to create content that was engaging and would result in increased engagement, conversions, and brand interaction.

By performing in-depth research into Pangea as a business, their industry, their target demographics, and their competitors, Vonazon developed a strategic lead nurture plan focused on website & email best practices.

The numerous digital marketing teams at Vonazon worked together to create a customized strategy to create content that was engaging and would result in increased engagement, conversions, and brand interaction.

How Proper Marketing Turned Into Sales

Vonazon’s first step pertaining to implementation was to overhaul all visual content. Utilizing their skillful creative team, Vonazon transformed Pangea’s tired content into fresh, lively, and enticing new collateral. Using a combination of modern graphics, messaging, keyword placement, actionable calls-to-action, and fresh new layouts, Vonazon breathed new life into Pangea’s website, emails, landing pages, forms, downloadable assets, and more.

In order to ensure that this content was delivered to the right person at the right time, Vonazon’s implementation team outlined and executed a full lead nurture strategy that consolidated all these new assets into an automated, ongoing program that would disseminate content to leads as they self-qualified by navigating the new website.

New Content, New Strategies, New Pangea

After Vonazon stepped in to perform a complete overhaul of their website, email, and content strategies, Pangea’s brand had new life breathed into it—and their leads, prospects, and customers couldn’t be happier to engage with it.

Even better, with the full strategy fully executed and in place within their Act-On platform, Pangea had real-time insight into how their leads were engaging with their collateral, as well as detailed information about which prospects offered the hottest opportunities for their sales reps to follow up with. In addition to more deals in the pipeline, Pangea finally had strategic insight pertaining to their marketing efforts, which allows them to make intelligent decisions about where to invest further to generate the greatest return on investment for future campaigns and initiatives.


3,000+ more unique website visitors

20 more conversions per month

24% overall engaged click-through rate


After working with Vonazon, Pangea understood the impact that truly effective digital marketing can have. By recognizing the real increase in legitimate engagement that comes from quality content, Pangea has committed to increasing their library of marketable content to include video as well—an undertaking they look to Vonazon for assistance with, as well!

With the creation of a dynamic animated video to educate viewers, Pangea will be able to share their solutions across social media, at trade shows and events, and of course on their newly updated website.

As their brand continues to grow and evolve with their customers, Pangea continually looks to Vonazon to provide guidance on how to stay abreast with the new technology and marketing trends to ensure consistent positive engagement.