Apple iOS 15 | What It Means for Marketing

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At Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June, the company revealed some of the biggest announcements it has delivered in years. They also shed light on some of the changes expected with the next iteration of the brand’s mobile operating system - iOS 15. These announcements, centered around user privacy and security, have caused quite a commotion amongst marketers and advertising agencies who rely on email marketing strategies to drive ROI. As of September 20, 2021, iOS 15 is now available on all compatible Apple devices. So, what exactly do these updates entail - and should you be worried about [...]

The Death Of Cookies | Future of Digital Marketing

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In January 2020, Google announced that it would remove support for third party cookies, part of their new initiative known as ‘Privacy Sandbox’. This move comes mere months after tech rivals Apple and Mozilla introduce similar bans on user tracking devices. Without this data, advertisers will have a tough time reaching consumers, which is why Google’s decision has caused such an uproar amongst the community. Many initially thought the firm would reverse its decision after some time. However, they recently doubled down on their determination, confirming that they would not build alternate identifiers to track users, nor will they use [...]

10 Important PPC Trends to Watch in 2022

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Since pay-per-click advertising was introduced decades ago, marketers have worked diligently to figure out exactly how to use it to maximize ROI for brands. The topic is constantly evolving and new strategies are being developed regularly. In fact, our CEO Kevin England recently outlined how Vonazon optimizes PPC campaigns in his podcast, ‘Figuring It Out’. The year 2020 threw us many curveballs, especially when it came to marketing. PPC specialists were forced to adapt to ever changing market conditions throughout an unprecedented public health pandemic. While we can’t exactly predict what will happen over the next year, there are a [...]

Breaking it Down: What is the IOE or internet of everything?

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In our highly digitized world, nearly everything is interconnected virtually. By now, you’re likely familiar with the internet of things, defined by a complex network of physical objects that exchange data with devices and systems over the internet. However, you may be unfamiliar with the internet of everything.  Let’s take a deeper look. What Is the IoE or Internet of Everything? The term ‘internet of everything’ was first coined by Cisco in 2013 and is described as the “networked connection of people, process, data, and things”. When combined, these interrelated systems aim to improve experiences and facilitate smarter decisions throughout [...]

How to unify the offline and online customer experience

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While we currently live in a highly digitized society, the importance of in-person, physical interaction is still as important as ever - if not more so. Companies are providing online experiences at every corner for their target consumer. However, many often neglect to offer a similarly strong offline experience for their audience to engage with. Connecting the offline and online customer experience is vital for brands today. You must be able to meet your audience where they’re at. According to a survey completed by Autopilot, 72% of consumers would prefer to connect with brands and businesses through multichannel marketing. No [...]

Understanding the Basics of Hybrid Events

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With COVID-19 transforming many aspects of business, the events industry has been adversely affected as well. Over the past few months, organizations have turned to video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Skype to coordinate both internal and external meetings. As a result, virtual events have risen in popularity due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to connect hundreds of participants from around the world. Creating virtual events that are both interactive and engaging continues to pose a challenge for organizers across the globe. Luckily, the introduction of hybrid events solves many of these issues. Are you familiar with the concept? [...]

Social Media eCommerce is Leading the Future of Online Shopping

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During the early beginnings of the global pandemic where many were advised to stay indoors and avoid human interaction as much as possible, consumers found a savvy way to escape the bounds of their homes and roam free on the everlasting pages of social media platforms. Since many places of in-person commerce were forced to halt their operations, consumers sought refuge on online social media applications such as Instagram; consequently, transforming applications as such into the new shopping malls of the 21st century. Even now, as in-person commerce is slowly starting to make a comeback, the roots of online shopping [...]

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel: What is the Difference

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What IS the Difference? Customer experience is more important than ever, where the customer journey should be well understood and cultivated. Part of improving the customer experience and journey is to adopt an omnichannel model for your brand. Since your consumer no longer views your brand according to brick and mortar or digital platforms, it is vital that your customer experience, regardless of channel, is seamlessly integrated. There are now often multiple touchpoints in a customer journey across channels before a potential customer is converted, so it is essential that the experience at every touchpoint is seamless and upholds your [...]

What is a Good website Bounce Rate

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What is Bounce Rate Bounce rate is when visitors visit your webpage but take no further action and do not engage. Engagement can mean clicking on a second page, leaving a comment, or demonstrating interest in a product or service. There is no standard, universal measure, or threshold that determines you have a good bounce rate, but maintaining a low bounce rate that reflects good ROI is an essential SEO practice. How can user activity translate into a bounce? It can be due to a number of actions a user can take. They can hit back on their browser, click [...]

How Often Does Google Update Search Listings

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Google search results are in a constant state of change, and how often Google updates search listings depends on a variety of factors. It is crucial to understand how Google updates search listings and ranks your site to understand Google search updates and how often listings are updated. Through the use of Googlebot that crawls the entire Internet, Google constantly updates search listings to rank the relevance and authority of every webpage for any given search by a user. It is essential to understand that Google prioritizes users' experience searching the internet over the ability of businesses to improve their [...]