5 eCommerce Trends 2022 | What Trends Will Dominate This Year?

In 2021, businesses primarily focused on their online presence while grappling with the re-opening of physical spaces. Last year was all about digital transformation, but 2022 will be about standing out from the fold and meeting customer expectations. As eCommerce sales in the US approach $1 trillion, businesses must seek new competitive advantages and focus on improving customer experience to stay ahead. We’ve compiled 5 eCommerce trends every business needs to look out for in 2022. Voice Shopping and Conversational Shopping Voice shopping refers to the way customers can buy online using only their voice and a compatible smart device, [...]

Top 7 Website Trends for 2020

Before, we hop into the top website trends for 2020, let’s take a look back!  This new year marks the thirtieth anniversary since computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee changed life as we knew it forever with the invention of the World Wide Web (WWW).  Technology has molded the landscape of societies and cultures around the world more so in these last thirty years than ever before with worldwide connectivity at your fingertips. With the rise in modern technology comes the rise of consumers expectations of convenience. Businesses have felt the pressure to compete on an entirely new level, which has [...]

6 Website Best Practices For Any Business

Your website is without a doubt one of your most powerful sales and marketing tools. It provides visibility and access to potential new business and even informs current business of other services you offer. The competition is steep and ensuring you are following modern website best practices is essential to thriving in a today’s digital world. Here are some of our top website best practices: Keep the Options Limited Yes, if you have the capacity to offer a multitude of variations of your product/service you should absolutely do so, however your website may not be the place. [...]

Tackle 2018 With These Six Digital Marketing Trends

Keeping up with these top six 2018 digital marketing trends will help you gear your business’s marketing strategy for success in the coming year. 2017 was a whirlwind for digital marketing and PR in many ways, so if anything we should expect the unexpected in 2018. Yet, several ongoing digital marketing trends are all but guaranteed to continue their trajectory. Growing demand for things like video content, influencer collaborations and data security will all solidify practices that can make or break marketing success. So, to help your brand prepare for the months ahead, here are the predicted most important 2018 [...]

How To Optimize Your Landing Page For SEO

How to Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO Do you enjoy paying an arm and a leg for traffic? Undoubtedly not! Yet most businesses throw money at advertising platforms in the hope that they might get some worthwhile traffic to their landing pages. Wouldn’t you rather get traffic from free sources, like search engines? Sure, you would, but search engine optimization, or SEO, has grown beyond the days where anyone could rank just by repeatedly stuffing words into their pages. That doesn’t mean, though, that benefits from the mysterious world of SEO, with its intimidating algorithms and rank-toppling updates, are [...]