Lack of Marketing Strategy

Prior to working with Vonazon, SuperCamp essentially had no digital marketing strategies in place. With no complete Buyer Personas identified, they were not able to create detailed list segmentations or send specific/relevant content to their audience’s concerns. Furthermore, with no lead scoring or funnel structure in place, their sales team did not know when or how to reach out to prospective students.

In order to bring their camp enrollment back up to par, SuperCamp knew that they needed to identify and address the needs of their future students and parents through targeted nurture campaigns.


Identify, Educate, Nurture

Vonazon’s goal was to better understand SuperCamp’s target buyers so we could better market to them. In order to do so, Vonazon proposed developing and implementing three unique buyer personas and creating appropriate list segmentations off of each demographic qualifier.

Additionally, Vonazon worked to identify the pain points their customer experiences, so we could create downloadable assets that would ease those concerns. In order to further assuage any fears parents might have in sending their child to SuperCamp, we encouraged the development of written and video testimonials of past students.


Identify, Educate, Nurture

By identifying SuperCamp’s three target audiences, Vonazon was able to create custom buyer’s journeys for each prospect type with customized messaging aligned with each persona.

In our content creation phase, the Vonazon team developed numerous downloadable brochures, worksheets, and PDF assets for parents and students to take home to use on a regular basis. We also developed highly valuable video testimonials that were successful in getting prospects engaged with SuperCamp’s YouTube and other social media channels.

We also worked to develop a series of automated programs that targeted SuperCamp alumni, encouraging them to get involved on social media and encouraging them to recommend the camp to future students. This referral campaign was set as an automated, ongoing drip marketing program.

Times the enrollment year over year
MQLs per month
Average click-to-open rate


Surpassed Last Year’s Enrollment Numbers

After the launch of 3 unique nurture campaigns, SuperCamp saw an immediate increase in website traffic and camp enrollments. Their sales team was inundated with inbound phone calls, answering email requests, and following up with enrollment submissions.

With the growing success of the first nurture campaigns, Vonazon was able to create additional drip series with new savings offers to further entice prospects to enroll.

Vonazon’s nurture campaign strategy doubled SuperCamp’s enrollment of the same month of the previous year and generated over 18 marketing qualified leads per month. Our nurture campaigns collectively had above industry standard engagement rates and lead to a 50% increase of online camp brochure requests.


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