The Absence of a Customer Outreach & Retention Strategy

With a single-send email strategy and a website that needed quite a bit of TLC, Professional Health Services knew that their marketing needed a major boost. With the hopes of educating prospects on the company’s unique mobile services, their one-off email campaigns were doing little to help prospects see that they are very different from other health testing companies.

Additionally, client consultation & appointment emails were going unnoticed. To top it off, their website wasn’t capturing many form conversions or creating lead interactions and engagements. The website was due for a complete redesign to increase the user experience, and in turn, boost engagement.

It was clear that their current marketing initiatives were missing key components for successful marketing, but luckily—with the help of Vonazon—they found all the solutions they needed to develop a proper long-term nurturing and outreach strategies.


Develop a long-term marketing strategy that would increase ROI, conversions, and maintained customer retention

By creating a unique and customized strategy, Vonazon would be able to transform Professional Health Services into a better brand with new and exciting content and messaging. The goal of the creative refresh was to help new and existing customers realize that PHS offers a unique come-to-you mobile service and that nobody does medical testing better than them.

With an overhaul of their entire website (subpages, content, imagery etc), Vonazon & PHS would see increased engagement and conversions, and be able to further implement an omnichannel approach to their marketing. Our efforts for better website assets could be linked back to their social media platforms, boosting their social media presence.

However, we know that these new measures would be useless unless there was valuable reporting metrics to track & report all marketing efforts. We wanted to look past simple email opens and clicks and dive deeper into what works and what wouldn’t. For this to happen, we’d also have to track form conversions, website interaction, and keep communication flowing with the client to better understand their sales cycle when our new marketing efforts turned over qualified leads.


Develop, Execute, Report

By developing out buyers’ personas for PHS, we were able to segment and fine-tune exactly who it is that the company wanted to be marketing to and get the right content to the right person at the right time. This ideology was the foundation for our long-term lead nurture campaign strategy and could be solidified in implementation for future initiatives.

In these campaigns, we were able to tie in our marketing, content, messaging, and imagery to the new website. This allowed PHS to maintain branding guidelines, where they saw an increase in overall traffic and awareness to the company and their services.

By establishing the proper reporting tools and guidelines, we were able to then effectively track their new website visitors, their engagement, and improvements in lead generation. This led PHS to realize valuable insights as to how Vonazon’s strategies were actually working for them

Average Open rate vs. Last Year
Increase in Known Website Visitors
More Website Conversions


More engagement, better leads, higher ROI

After the creation of a long-term marketing strategy, we were able to launch 2 completely customized and unique lead nurture campaigns. PHS itself has seen a tremendous increase in engagement with their email and social content, as well as their website. With the currently developed-out buyers’ personas and strategies, PHS has a complete foundation for their marketing.

Additionally, our expert advice and implementation for their new website will continue to show them increased engagement and reflect their solutions and background to their customers. The analytical data and metrics we were able to provide are going to allow PHS to now more effectively assess the trends of our efforts, and allow them to improve all facets of their marketing moving forward.

The great improvements we’ve seen from when PHS launched their relationship with Vonazon has not only increased their revenue and overall brand awareness but has also increased their enthusiasm for the new marketing opportunities that now lie ahead.


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