Lack of Digital Marketing

Prior to working with Vonazon, Moss essentially had no digital marketing strategies in place. Their sales team had no connection to their marketing efforts, and their customers were largely unaware of the extent of services and products that Moss offered.

Moss recognized that in order to grow, they would need to work with an agency that could help bridge the gap between sales and marketing and properly utilize technology to create clear and effective outreach to their prospects and customers.


Join Sales, Marketing & Technology

Our goal is to provide product awareness on top of a more streamlined and effective brand awareness strategy, as well as highlighting Moss’s involvement at trade shows and other in-person events.

By performing a complete audit of their Salesforce instance along with their Act-On account, we will outline a holistic plan of action to increase the quantity and quality of touchpoints with Moss’s customers and prospects.

Beginning with an identification of their various market verticals, Vonazon will put together an implementation strategy targeting each sector that Moss services. This approach will feature a two-pronged approach, focusing on both inbound and outbound marketing.


Joining Sales, Marketing & Technology

By identifying key tradeshows, events, markets, and groups to target strategically, Vonazon put in place a roadmap for success to engage with their prospects and customers. Using a variety of custom, targeted messages (based on market and lead status) that were sent across multiple different platforms including email, website, and social media, Vonazon created an impactful omni-channel presence for Moss.

For Moss’s trade show presence, Vonazon developed a pre-event, during the event, and post-event marketing campaign in Act-On that focused on generating in-person meetings. The goal was to invite prospects and customers alike to visit Moss at their booth to engage and get informed on their new products, experiences, and projects. Once a lead has engaged with Moss reps, we put in place a series of follow up messages to solidify the relationship.

MQLs per month
Form submissions per month
Best sales months in Moss history


Two Biggest Sales Months in Moss History

Immediately after the trade show campaign was put in place, Moss experienced their two best sales months in the company’s history. Email and social follow up is still in place, continuing to generate interest, new opportunities, and closed sales.

We are continuing to expand our outreach on a monthly basis, including weekly email campaigns to their six target markets that highlight specific solutions for their prospects’ and customers’ needs and goals.

This weekly marketing outreach typically generates 24 marketing qualified leads per month, and almost 60 form submissions per month. As the company continues to grow, the marketing associated continues to scale and becomes larger, more in-depth, and more impactful.


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