No Engaged User Marketing Tactics

Before FBGH started working with Vonazon, they were missing out on countless opportunites to engage with legitimately interested prospects. Although people were finding their website easily enough, and even filling out forms for more information, there was no “next step” strategy in place from the marketing perspective, nor from the sales team, nor in their recording practices.

Their true goal was to convert their many so-called “window shoppers” into actual customers. FBGH recognized that they needed assistance from a professional marketing agency to help close the gaps in their existing marketing strategy.


Verify Data & Create Actionable Next Steps

Our goal is to create a steady stream of marketing qualified leads to the FBGH sales team based off of legitimate website interaction and specific engagement.

By reviewing their Salesforce CRM instance and auditing the data contained within it, we will be prepared to start the sales and marketing recording process with a clean slate and verified data.

Once the data has been validated, we can put in place a classification strategy that will measure website activity, determine the qualification of interest levels, and redirect that lead to the appropriate next level of marketing collateral they should be receiving.


Identify, Educate, Nurture

Starting out with the form synchronization process, Vonazon ensured that all information was being pushed to the appropriate database in real time. Exporting all Salesforce records came next, in order to perform a complete list cleanse so only the clean data would be remain to be reimported into their instance.

Next, Vonazon analyzed the gated content associated to each form and determined the true level of interest that should be indicative of the individual downloading the media, and made scoring rule adjustments as a result.

Vonazon created compelling content associated to each stage of a top-, middle-, and bottom of funnel lead nurture campaign, and designed complex automated programs for each phase. Replication was a key factor in the initial development process, as the methodology would be transferred to each of their five existing subsidiaries.

Average open rate
Click-to-open rate
Sales-qualified form submissions


Surpassed Last Year’s Enrollment Numbers

Once this ongoing, automated lead nurture campaign was put in place, a steady stream of leads were dropped into each stage of the funnel process. As they progressed through, their scores increased, resulting in a dramatic influx of truly marketing qualified leads to hand off to sales, who no longer had to make cold calls to try to drum up business.

Most significantly, it wasn’t just the parent company that saw these results; all five of FBGH’s subsidiaries experienced similarly encouraging results. With a new recording and classification process in place, the rift between marketing outreach and direct sales follow up was mended and opportunities are able to be closed more smoothly.

As we continue our monthly management of their Act-On account, FBGH’s overall business objectives have shifted in a positive manner and their goals are now higher. This consistent improvement has reinvigorated their passion for marketing, and they’re excited to continue to develop new processes and procedures.


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