intent data in abm


Digital marketing success often hinges on thoroughly understanding your audience and timing your engagements perfectly. In a landscape inundated with data, harnessing the right information at the right moment is the key to successful marketing campaigns. One crucial tool that’s reshaping strategies is intent data. 

Intent data is the compass guiding marketers toward the prospects most inclined to engage and convert. It offers real-time insights into the behaviors and activities of potential customers, enabling a precise approach tailored to their needs and interests.  

In this blog, we’ll break down what intent data is and explore how leveraging intent signals empowers precise targeting, higher conversions, and smarter account-based marketing investments. 

What Is Intent Data?

At its core, intent data is a gateway to identifying prospects actively exploring products or services akin to yours. It encompasses various signals like website visits, search queries, content interactions, and even demographic changes, all providing invaluable clues about a prospect’s readiness to engage.  

Strategies such as audience segmentation are valuable techniques to leverage customer data in order to create effective marketing material that is personalized and relevant to your target audience.  

Unveiling the Impact of Intent Data

Harnessing intent data doesn’t stop at identificationit propels action. By discerning high-intent signals, marketers can strategically allocate resources, focusing efforts on leads displaying keen interest. This shift from broad broadcasting to precision targeting optimizes efficiency and enhances conversion probabilities. 

Recent statistics also reflect companies increasing their utilization of intent data, as the number of web pages focused on intent data has risen by 2,739% in just the past five years. 

The Multi-Faceted Benefits of Intent Data

There are various advantages of integrating intent data into marketing strategiesjust ask the 82% of marketers that claim the effectiveness of intent data has increased since 2022 From refining retargeting efforts and reducing ad spend wastage to crafting personalized messages and empowering data-driven decisions, intent data reshapes the marketing landscape. Here are some of the main benefits of intent data:  

  • Precise Targeting: Leveraging real-time insights, intent marketing identifies prospects actively seeking your specific products or services, ensuring tailored messages and timely interactions that resonate deeply.  
  • Higher Conversions: By discerning behaviors like website visits, content interactions, and specific search queries, intent data enables ensures tailored and timely engagements, significantly enhancing the likelihood of conversions. In fact, around 17% of B2B sales and marketing professionals improved their lead conversion rate by 30% using intent data.  
  • Smarter Account Based Marketing: Leveraging intent data helps ensure personalized and targeted interactions, optimizing resource allocation and fostering deeper connections with high-value accounts. Intent data empowers effective account-based marketing by facilitating a more strategic and effective approach, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversion rates within target accounts. 

The Ultimate Intent Data Tool

The success of your intent data marketing campaigns is highly dependent on the tools utilized to gather and organize data. Clearbit is among the best intent data providers in the world, and  was recently acquired by the industry leading marketing automation platform, HubSpot 

Clearbit offers over 100+ firmographic, demographic, and technographic attributes for every company with a website. Their enormous library of data covers more than 20 million companies and 500 million decision-makers, sourced from a wide array of over 250 public and private data sources, including social profiles, company websites, legal filings, and crowdsourcing.  

Pairing Clearbit’s vast library of world-class, valuable data with HubSpot’s robust suite of marketing tools creates a game-changing solution. This perfect combination contains the power to provide laser focused marketing campaigns that convert at high rates.  

Embracing the Future with Intent Data

The incorporation of intent data cultivates a smarter, more effective approach to account-based marketing. It streamlines efforts, augments targeting precision, and ultimately elevates the return on marketing investments. As personalization and relevance continue to surge in prevalence in the world of digital marketing, the utilization and value of intent data will only increase.  

Our comprehensive eBook, Why Intent Data Should be A Key Component of Your ABM Marketing Strategy, delves deeper into the nuances of intent data, offering insights into its workings, the significance of various intent signals, and actionable strategies for leveraging this powerful tool in your ABM endeavors. 

At Vonazon, we’re committed to helping you navigate the evolving terrain of marketing strategies, and we’re excited to explore how intent data can elevate your marketing endeavors. Reach out to our strategists today, and let’s uncover the potential of intent data in shaping your marketing success story.