Key Email Marketing KPI Metrics Every Marketer Should Track

Email marketing is a complex process where tracking every detail matters, and elements like email KPI metrics must be accurately recorded. So many moving pieces go into an online marketing campaign that it can be hard to know which email marketing KPIs to pay attention to and which metrics can be disregarded. To help you create an effective email strategy, we’ve put together a simple, easy-to-follow guide detailing five key email marketing metrics every marketer should track to measure the success of a campaign. 5 Key email marketing KPI metrics to track and review: Open Rate These [...]

9 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads 

Social media’s role in the business world is enormous and only growing. Harnessing social media has become a necessity to grow a business and maintain a connection with your audience. Social media has also become one of the most valuable platforms in which companies generate leads. In this article we share nine of our favorite social media lead generation strategies so you can put your brand in front of the right people. Get Your FREE Social Media Guide Align your social media marketing goals with business objectives Your social media content and marketing efforts should be an extension [...]</