Using Google Data Analytics to Measure the Quality of Your SEO Traffic

The first step in improving any business effort is to measure how well it performs. The assessment and evaluation of your SEO traffic are crucial to your organic marketing success. Ranking for your target keywords is great and can help with brand recognition, but what matters most is how well the traffic aligns with your business goals. In this article, we'll look at a variety of Google Data Analytics metrics to help you develop a solid SEO strategy and learn more about what constitutes high-quality traffic. Why is Traffic Quality Important for SEO Success? Quality traffic is what puts your [...]

What is a KPI Report and How To Choose the Right One for Your Business

It’s difficult to measure how your business is doing without specific metrics. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) help ensure your company's long-term success by quantifying it. They serve as a framework for evaluating your progress and identifying the areas where you need to improve. You'll need a KPI report to review and analyze your KPIs quickly and easily. They allow you to see where your business stands in relation to the strategic objectives you set. A good KPI report is also intuitive, allowing even non-technical users to understand the data's trends, relationships, and insights. We'll go over what a KPI report [...]

How Often Does Google Update Search Results

Google search results are in a constant state of change, and how often Google updates search listings depends on a variety of factors. It is crucial to understand how Google updates search listings and ranks your site to understand Google search updates and how often listings are updated. Through the use of Googlebot that crawls the entire Internet, Google constantly updates search listings to rank the relevance and authority of every webpage for any given search by a user. It is essential to understand that Google prioritizes users' experience searching the internet over the ability of businesses to improve their [...]

20 eCommerce Stats for 2020

It’s hard to believe that a brand-new decade is here and with it comes the realization of just how much has changed over the last ten years.  To help you stay up to date with what's what in the eCommerce world, we compiled a list of the top 20 eCommerce Stats for 2020 that you can't ignore, so let's hop right in: Nearly 95% of all purchases are expected to be made via eCommerce by 2040.  (Source: Nasdaq) Businesses with customer loyalty programs, on average, are 88% more profitable than those who do not. (Source: io) About 50% of [...]

How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand

Customers care about their experience with a brand far more than marketers anticipate. Yet, when it comes to differentiation, few marketers make customer experience a priority as a brand value.   The simple truth is that in an online age where we have more buying choices than ever, customer experience has started to become a more important quality metric than price or product. Recent research shows that 89 percent of people will stop doing business with a brand when they have a poor experience. 78 percent will not even finish a transaction with a brand if they have a poor [...]