Yuletide Holiday Marketing Utilized!

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Some may see the utilization of the holidays as a cheap way to market to their prospects. Our holiday marketing specialists here at Vonazon use every opportunity at our disposal for superior social media marketing campaigns! Feel That Holiday Spirit! No matter what you believe in, the holidays are a time of interconnectedness, togetherness, cheer and of course, spending incredibly high amounts of money for our friends and loved ones. Take advantage of this holiday spending spirit by marketing your business especially during this month of financial calamity. People will literally be clamoring over each other for that perfect gift. [...]

Your Guide To Facebook Live!

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At a glance, most of us think that Facebook Live is just another way to share our personal life with our friends. Well, it is, but it can be more than that! Facebook Live is a gateway of opportunity for your company to connect with your clientele and market your products and services. Let’s take a closer Look! What is Facebook Live? It is exactly what its title suggests. It is a part of the social media platform, Facebook that utilizes the capabilities of live streaming. Live streaming is the practice of transmitting or receiving a live video and audio [...]

The Potent Power Of A #Hashtag

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The Potent Power Of A Hashtag We see hashtags everywhere on various social media platforms; Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook! That begs the questions… What are they? Why are these things everywhere? Why is everybody using them so often? #Hashtag To put it simply, A hashtag is this: # (That pound sign directly to the left…) A fully formed hashtag may look like these: #Vonazon #VonazonTalent #Blogging #ThisBlogIsGreat They are a type of metadata tag used on various platforms of social media and microblogging services that drastically simplify the process of finding messages or posts with a specific message, theme, [...]

How To Optimize Your Landing Page For SEO

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How to Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO Do you enjoy paying an arm and a leg for traffic? Undoubtedly not! Yet most businesses throw money at advertising platforms in the hope that they might get some worthwhile traffic to their landing pages. Wouldn’t you rather get traffic from free sources, like search engines? Sure, you would, but search engine optimization, or SEO, has grown beyond the days where anyone could rank just by repeatedly stuffing words into their pages. That doesn’t mean, though, that benefits from the mysterious world of SEO, with its intimidating algorithms and rank-toppling updates, are [...]

Is Using Social Media For Business Effective?

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Social media: is it a time-waster or a valuable tool to connect with your buyers? Considering how much time people spend there, being active on social media is tempting. But what about stories you’ve heard of companies pitching like crazy and getting nothing out of it? For every company that failed, ten have succeeded. Success depends on smart social media strategies. The right social media support can make you one of that ten. Use social media to show your business’ human side Rather than blatantly pitching for an immediate purchase, show people the human side of your business. Each time [...]