5 Best Practices to Maintain Your HubSpot CRM Data

Email lists require regular maintenance to stay relevant. Improperly maintained mail lists, those that have not been cleaned in over six months, used to deploy a marketing communication could get you into trouble with your HubSpot Marketing account (i.e., suspended).  Avoid Suspension  When sending marketing emails to a stale email list, you risk getting your account suspended. If HubSpot's deliverability protection system detects a high bounce rate (5% or more) on your email recipients, your account will be subject to suspension. Suspension means all marketing emails and automated emails scheduled in your workflows will not be sent.   A suspended account will cost you valuable [...]

What Is CRM Data Hygiene and How Can It Help You Get More Out of Your HubSpot CRM?

Anyone who works in marketing or sales understands the importance of data. A solid database is more than just reference material; it is a valuable asset that directly translates to success. Data boosts marketing across the board, whether a company is attempting to maximize its ROI or an agency is attempting to deliver solutions to clients. However, a disorganized, unprocessed dataset does more harm than good. That is why businesses must practice proper data hygiene. Almost every single CRM, especially HubSpot-supported ones, depends on a well-maintained database to function properly. Everything from distributing newsletters to sending personalized messages depends on [...]