Within Act-On, you want to be using your email campaigns and marketing efforts to their fullest potential by creating and molding content to fit a particular population of contacts by creating what is called a list segment.

List Segmentation is the technical capability to digitally organize and distribute your contacts, prospects, and contacts under your CRM tool, or Customer Relationship Management tool, from your larger lists and put them into smaller sub-lists within Act-On. You can filter for particular behaviors or other information you have acquired from your database to populate these sub-lists.

At a glance, it seems obvious that segmentation is a means of organizing whom you can reach out to digitally with email campaigns. If you take a closer look into Act-On and its capabilities, you’ll see a vast potential for the creation and distribution of personalized content that will likely improve your prospects’ engagement with your company!

Custom Content Creator

As we delve further into Act-On, we can see that segmentation is the entire basis of the marketing automation platform… in particular, the email content creator.

Email content should be marketing your products or services in ways that will attract the attention of prospects who fit a very specific profile. By basing your content creation on a smaller, more specified population of contacts, you’ll be tapping into the platform’s full potential and targeting your prospects with pinpoint accurate marketing efforts.

For example, let’s say you want to build a series of promotional emails to target anyone who works as an account manager. You can set criteria so that only your contacts who have that title in your database will be filtered out from your larger lists. From there, you can build an email that will be tailored specifically for account managers and sent to your contacts with that title.

To further elaborate, let’s take a look at another hypothetical. As part of your products or services, you want to sell a line of gardening tools. For all intents and purposes, let’s say you have already acquired the information necessary to discern whether or not your prospects are interested in gardening tools and that you have the information within Act-On.

You can create smaller lists based on prospects who are uninterested and one for prospects who are interested. After that, you can create new email content to suggest an alternative to those who are uninterested and give limited time offers of your tools to those that are interested!

Benefits of Targeting Content

You might still be wondering what the point of all this segmentation and personalization is… “What’s in it for me?”

The whole point is to increase your conversion rates. Typically, the more you personalize your content based off of your segments, the more likely it will be that your prospects will convert into clients and, perhaps, even evangelists of your company! When you can pinpoint exactly what your prospects want or need and base your marketing efforts on those aspects, your conversion rate has a high chance of skyrocketing!

Make sure your Act-On account is on the right track, segmenting in the right places and in the best ways possible to streamline your marketing efforts. Take advantage of Vonazon’s complimentary Act-On platform evaluation and hone your marketing efforts to pinpoint accuracy!