Meet your new best friend…

Maria Espinosa

Marketing Automation Specialist

Marketting Automation 95%
Editing 85%
Photoshop 75%
I might as well be a mermaid because you’ll always find me at the beach. Having graduated Cum Laude from Cal State Northridge, I am extremely detail oriented and can remember the most random things. I also like showing off my artsy side by creating special effects makeup creatures. Halloween is no joke for me. A lover and a dreamer, I maintain an outgoing spirit and candid personality that brings laugh to any room I am in. As the law of attraction states: “Positive thoughts bring positive things into your life.”
As a Marketing Automation Specialist, I’m known as “THE Executer.”My main role consists of asset creation and design, digital campaign logic, and ensuring a seamless lead transition to your sales team. I love being able to use my creativity and personality to make marketing magic, and it’s always a bonus when I get to use my bilingual skills to work with international clients.
Outside of work I let my spooky and creative side take over, transforming myself into: zombies, goblins, witches and ghouls with my special effects makeup. When I’m not at work or creating all kinds of art, you can be sure I’m lifting at the gym (don’t underestimate my small stature) or playing with my puppies. Let’s not forget about shopping!