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Countless companies are embracing a new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a record pace. Marketing professionals looking for generative AI tools have found a new best friend in HubSpot Content Assistant. HubSpot states, “Over 85% of marketers and sales professionals agree that AI enhances content quality and prospecting efforts.” Now, that’s what we call progress. 

In this quickly evolving era of AI transformation, marketers are at the forefront of a dynamic creative gold rush. To launch your AI content journey, equip yourself with a powerhouse of AI tools tailored to craft irresistibly engaging content. HubSpot platform is one of the most popular marketing automation platforms. And, they just keep getting better with their latest AI tools. For content creation teams utilizing HubSpot, the HubSpot Content Assistant is a dream come true. 

What is HubSpot's AI Content Assistant?

HubSpot’s Free AI Content Assistant is a cutting-edge tool empowering businesses to effortlessly generate compelling copy across diverse channels. Integrated into HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and content features, this AI content assistant enables teams to craft and edit copy seamlessly. Users input a prompt or topic, and the AI content writer drafts engaging prospecting emails, landing pages, and blog posts. 

Let’s explore how this tool can keep your audience hooked and craving more, ultimately amplifying engagement and driving those conversion numbers sky-high. We’ll also explore the latest developments in the HubSpot AI roadmap to stay ahead of the curve. 

What Are the Key Benefits of Using AI-Generated Content?

By default, users can use AI-generated content for assets like website pages and blog posts within the HubSpot platform. 

Key Benefits of HubSpot Content Assistant: 

  1. Elevate marketing and sales emails with efficient AI-powered copywriting. 
  2. Streamline content creation, saving time and resources. 
  3. Boost email productivity and witness increased conversion rates with attention-grabbing subject lines. 
  4. Effortlessly produce long-form content, including blog posts and landing pages. 
  5. Overcome writer’s block with AI assistance, turning prompts into dynamic content. 
  6. Experience a seamless journey from content ideation to lead generation within one platform. 
  7. HubSpot’s Smart CRM ensures a smooth marketing-to-sales handoff for an efficient workflow. 

Generate New Content with AI Commands

Say goodbye to the frustration of the dreaded blank page, as now it’s a breeze to whip up fresh content. This tool allows you to effortlessly generate new content from prompts, be it for pages, blog posts, marketing emails, CTAs, or even sales emails, directly from the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension for Gmail or the HubSpot mobile app on iOS. You’ve got a generous character limit of 4,000 tokens for both prompts and responses. 

Let’s delve into the fundamental steps for leveraging the AI content assistant to enhance your content editing experience. To get started, hover over the desired content and click on the Edit option. In the editor, identify a rich text section, or for knowledge base articles, click on the article body. Once you’ve selected the text you want to modify, highlight it, and then click on the artificial intelligence AI assistant icon. Here, you’ll find various options within the menu. 

Specifically, there are two features you’ll find the most useful when operating HubSpot’s Content Assistant: highlight and slash commands. 


Highlight Commands   

Finding the ideal tone and style that resonates with their audience is a challenge familiar to every marketer. Authenticity is hard to come by, but customers expect nothing less than original marketing content. HubSpot has created the perfect workaround for balancing this problem by introducing highlight command features into the mix. To enhance your text, follow two simple steps.  

  1. First, highlight the text you want to edit.  
  2. Next, click the Content Assistant dropdown bar, which will guide you through four key strategies for refining and improving your content: 
  • Rewrite: Replaces and changes the wording within the highlighted text.  
  • Expand: Illustrates the highlighted content in greater detail.  
  • Summarize: Slims the highlighted text into just the facts. 
  • Change tone: Edits the highlighted sections around certain audience tones: Friendly, Professional, Witty, Heartfelt, or Educational. 

Slash Commands  

These features can do so much more than allow you to revise posts. HubSpot has developed a user-friendly tool capable of addressing almost every creative hurdle, the number one being writer’s block. By exploring a wide range of slash commands, each tailored to streamline your content creation process, you’ll never have to second-guess yourself or worry about where to begin again. Start by typing in “/prompt,” and the Content Assistant drop-down menu will provide you with four optimization tools: 

  • Generate heading: generate titles and section headers based on your inputs.  
  • Generate paragraph: produce paragraphs centered around your prompts (SMS posts not yet available). 
  • Generate subsection: generate a section of your content based on your prompt (accessibility for SMS or marketing emails TBA).  
  • Generate message to create an entire SMS message (currently available to SMS only). 

AI's Role in Shaping Tomorrow's Marketing

HubSpot Content Assistant is still in public beta, but as more users sign on for the service, it will continuously improve thanks to machine learning (ML), allowing it to grow and evolve naturally around user inputs. We’ve examined how even a basic content assistant can fully streamline your content creation process. These quick fixes give creatives more time to edit and assist with other projects.  

The Future of AI for Content Marketers 

At Vonazon, we’ve prioritized understanding AI and its role in marketing. It’s neither the career-threatening force some feared nor the ultimate solution corporations were anticipating. The key takeaway is finding balance. HubSpot Content Assistants is poised to revolutionize creative writing, but amid the advanced features, the necessity of skilled individuals to steer content remains.  

HubSpot surveyed 1,350 professionals across business departments to learn more about attitudes towards AI, how it’s already used, and the impact it will have in the future, and detailed their findings in a report. 

AI has leveled the playing field for everyone, and that’s perhaps the most exciting part. New workers will discover their creative side, and skilled professionals will be empowered to achieve even greater heights with tools like HubSpot Content Assistant. 

AI Growth Statistics 

AI adoption has outpaced other emerging technologies. ChatGPT has been the fastest-growing app ever since it launched.  

HootSuite’s blog “74 Artificial Intelligence Statistics to Guide Your Marketing Plan,” cited that ‘More than 100 million people in the U.S. will use generative AI by 2024. By 2025, that number is expected to reach 116.9 million. eMarketer predicts that more than half of all Americans aged 12 to 44 will use generative AI by 2025.’  

Teaming up with seasoned experts can strategically position your team for a competitive advantage in the race to harness AI. 

Get Help with AI from Marketing Experts

For company marketing teams seeking to harness the full potential of AI tools within HubSpot, contacting an experienced agency like HubSpot’s Elite Partner, Vonazon becomes a strategic imperative. Navigating the nuanced landscape of AI in marketing demands a nuanced approach, and agencies bring invaluable expertise to the table. From optimizing HubSpot Content Assistants to seamlessly integrating AI strategies into broader marketing campaigns, a specialized agency can provide the guidance and insights needed to unlock the true power of these tools. With a collaborative partnership, companies can elevate their marketing efforts, ensuring a harmonious blend of human creativity and AI-driven efficiency for optimal results. 


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