Meet your new best friend…

Kevin England

CEO & President

Business Development 100%
Entrepreneurship 100%
Sales & Marketing 100%
Executive Leadership 100%
I’ve been in business for over 30 years, and I pride myself on being able to create something from nothing. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner for that length of time, I’m a highly driven person, incredibly proactive, and a self-starter. I encourage those around me to be the same. As I always say to my kids, “Move your feet!” or “Figure it out!”
I have extensive experience in business development, sales and marketing, and executive leadership, which means I’m able to understand your business from multiple perspectives and help you grow strategically. Whether you need help with lead generation, customer retention, or an increase in sales revenue and profitability, I’m here to help you grow, grow, grow.
There’s really no such thing as “after hours” for me—no day is less than 12 hours long, but I love every minute of it. However, I do find some spare time here and there to pursue my hobbies: I served as a hockey coach for 15 years, and played professional roller hockey and junior level ice hockey in my youth. I continually butt heads with my Chief Canine Officer every time he chews up another pair of shoes, but my staff seems to love him anyways. My family and kids are the light of my life and what drives me each and every day.