Meet your new best friend…

Josh Husereau

Product Training and Development Manager

Technology Training 100%
Marketing Automation 95%
HTML 85%
I get work done with great e-fish-n-sea. Do you sea what I did there? But in all seriousness, as Vonazon’s Marketing Automation Manager and long-time aquarium enthusiast, I make your automated programs flow as natural as the ocean waves. Master your marketing with me!
The right content, to the right people, at the right time. It’s time for me to step in. Let your vision be the canvas, my emails the paint, and watch the automated programs bring everything to life. I make marketing masterpieces while you focus on what’s important: your business.
Days are long and nights are short. Usually I’ll be chilling with my pillows in deep couch city watching the next greatest feature film. The most difficult thing is when I try to do anything after work, I find myself falling aslee…