Professional Staffing?

The main reason we recommend hiring professional trade show staff is to save you money. You might be wondering, how’s that going to save me money? Think of it like this, you have two options. The fist being paying for flights, hotels, transportation and food to bring your employees from one side of the country to the other for a trade show. Now, your other option is to hire professional trade show staff, who make understanding your products or services their job in the days prior to the trade show. Best part is, they live in the same city as the venue and don’t require any accommodations!

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What’s the difference between Vonazon Talent and other talent agencies, or finding staff on your own?

The difference between Vonazon and other agencies is that we are full service. We are a marketing agency first and foremost, while other staffing agencies simply provide the people. We deliver professional staffing expertise, as opposed to scouring through Craigslist for models or “booth babes.” Think about it like this – companies spend tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars at a single trade show. Why would you leave that success and interaction up to someone who isn’t a professional? Booth babes aren’t going to take the time become an expert with your product. Models can’t speak to technical specifics. You’re going to have C-level executives coming to your booth – who would you rather represent your brand?

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Trade Show Marketing – Email & Social Media

In addition to providing professional staff, we also provide email & social media marketing services. We enlist a tried and true strategy to digitally, and physically market your brand as best we can. Email and social media marketing create a buzz, months ahead of the convention. You’re missing out on a huge part of the pie by just showing up to a convention without doing any prior marketing. It’s necessary because building an anticipation beforehand gets your audience excited and ensures that a larger percentage will tune in to see what you’re rolling out at the show. This can impact word of mouth and media coverage before and after the show.

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