When Pantone announced the Color of the Year for 2017, it wasn’t just the graphic designers in the office who got excited. Greenery, this year’s chosen shade, is remarkably close to our very own Vonazon Green! Drinks all around in the Vonazon office!

Each year, Pantone selects a particular color that is reflective of the current cultural climate. Typically, these selections influence trends in many features of design—fashion, beauty, product design, graphic design…you name it. So is this purely a coincidence that Greenery and Vonazon Green are so closely related? Or is Vonazon leading the way when it comes to trend-setting marketing ideas?

Greenery Everywhere

We could give you a long and overthought definition of what green as a color means using long flowery words and run on sentences, but we’re all on a tight schedule. Let’s save some time and break that meaning down to something comprehensible by asking one simple question: where do we see Greenery?

Greenery can most typically be found in nature: leaves, grass, or perhaps the mold growing on the leftover pizza in the fridge you’ve forgotten to throw out. No matter how you cut it, Greenery exists where nature runs freely and organically.

Some marketers have taken note; we usually see Greenery utilized in advertisement as symbolic of organic goods in grocery stores and other markets. In fact, this was Vonazon’s own inspiration.

Natural, Organic Marketing

Picture this: you’re walking into a coffee shop, looking forward to getting your daily cup of joe. As you get to the front of the line, the barista says “Welcome! Are you interested in trying our new Mocha-Java-Latte-Chino?” Without hesitation, what would your answer be? Probably “No thank you,” then you’d proceed to place your order. You’re not even really giving the barista a chance—you know best, you know what you want. In this instance, the marketing of the new beverage is forced and you turn down the offer because you feel you know better and you’re not in the mood to be marketed to.

Now picture this: you’re walking into a coffee shop, looking forward to getting your daily cup of joe. As you work your way to the front of line, you smell the fresh-baked croissants and suddenly realize how hungry you are, too. When you order your coffee, you decide to say “oh, and can I have a croissant, as well?” You didn’t realize it, but you were the recipient of some grade-A natural, organic marketing. By appealing to your senses, the coffee shop was able to very subtly suggest an upsell without being pushy at all…and best of all, you made an additional purchase and turned into a satisfied customer, who may take the same course of action tomorrow, too! Everyone’s a winner here!

As a marketer, that’s inspiring—if we could all get our customers to upsell themselves, life would be so easy! However, with the right kind of marketing, that may just be an attainable goal after all.

Our Inspiration

The best kind of marketing feels natural and organic; you don’t even know you’re being marketed to. By evoking feelings of calm, natural choices that seem second nature to an individual, you are able to encourage them to follow through with your suggestions and advertisements. After all, if your content is informative, engaging, and beneficial, what’s not to love? So often you have a useful product or service you’re selling—but you just need a little help encouraging your prospects to hear you out.

At Vonazon, we take an organic and natural approach to marketing—and Pantone seems to think that’s a good method too!

Interested in getting your marketing to feel more natural and less forced? Let’s talk—maybe over a cup of coffee!