Why Video Marketing Is The Wave Of The Future

Business professionals and consumers grow hungry for more online content every day, and an increasing volume of that content is video. Marketers able to tap into the growing demand for video will find an eager audience more apt to listen to their messages and more likely to convert. In fact, as more marketers embrace video assets as part of their multi-channel campaigns, those who ignore the trend will likely be left at a competitive disadvantage. While traditional forms of static ads like banners and native content will no doubt remain, video assets will increasingly become a critical structural component of [...]

Your Guide To Facebook Live!

At a glance, most of us think that Facebook Live is just another way to share our personal life with our friends. Well, it is, but it can be more than that! Facebook Live is a gateway of opportunity for your company to connect with your clientele and market your products and services. Let’s take a closer Look! What is Facebook Live? It is exactly what its title suggests. It is a part of the social media platform, Facebook that utilizes the capabilities of live streaming. Live streaming is the practice of transmitting or receiving a live video and audio [...]

Using Video Animation to Attract Customers

Everyone has corporate creativity in some form or another nowadays (such as blogs, videos, or infographics). How are you setting yourself apart? Although I wrote about the importance of high quality video production services for professional organizations last week, I feel that doesn’t go deep enough. Increasingly, just having corporate videos available on your company website or YouTube channel isn’t enough. The fact of the matter is that no one will watch your videos unless they have a reason or desire to do so. Creative storytelling is a key component of inciting interest, as is a visually pleasing presentation. A [...]