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Tips to Prefect Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy and Get Results

Digital marketing dominates today’s advertising landscape. From social media content, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Google Ads, and email campaigns, you might ask yourself, “why should I invest in a trade show marketing strategy?” Or, “how am I going to get enough qualified traffic to get an ROI?” Why Should You Have a Trade Show Marketing Strategy? The proof is in the numbers:   The person-to-person networking that trade shows offer is priceless. Making personal connections at these events allows you to build new contacts and often solidifies strong business relationships. Plus, you get the chance to establish your company amongst other [...]

5 Best Practices to Maintain Your HubSpot CRM Data

Email lists require regular maintenance to stay relevant. Improperly maintained mail lists, those that have not been cleaned in over six months, used to deploy a marketing communication could get you into trouble with your HubSpot Marketing account (i.e., suspended).  Avoid Suspension  When sending marketing emails to a stale email list, you risk getting your account suspended. If HubSpot's deliverability protection system detects a high bounce rate (5% or more) on your email recipients, your account will be subject to suspension. Suspension means all marketing emails and automated emails scheduled in your workflows will not be sent.   A suspended account will cost you valuable [...]

Social Media eCommerce is Leading the Future of Online Shopping

During the early beginnings of the global pandemic where many were advised to stay indoors and avoid human interaction as much as possible, consumers found a savvy way to escape the bounds of their homes and roam free on the everlasting pages of social media platforms. Since many places of in-person commerce were forced to halt their operations, consumers sought refuge on online social media applications such as Instagram; consequently, transforming applications as such into the new shopping malls of the 21st century. Even now, as in-person commerce is slowly starting to make a comeback, the roots of online shopping [...]

Marketing Automation in Need of a Check-Up? Take the HubSpot Health Quiz.

The proliferation of plug-and-play website builders has opened the door for businesses of all sizes to develop sharp-looking websites on a budget. Yet, despite lowering the barriers to web design and hosting, website performance has decreased over the last five years when measuring page size, requests, speed, etc. Just as software as a service (SaaS) solutions have created a new generation of sleek-looking websites with sub-average load times, the growth of intuitive marketing automation solutions, such as HubSpot, has led to mismanaged content databases and ineffective campaigns, in this article we discuss the importance of managing your marketing automation software. [...]

Lead Scoring For Behavior And Demographics

What constitutes a qualified lead? This age-old question has plagued marketers for years. The phrase “dialing for dollars” is becoming less of the norm as digital inbound and outbound marketing has taken the lead qualification and made it much more effective. Understanding how to leverage both behavior- and a demographic-based lead scoring model will not only guarantee that the right leads are receiving the right content, but also ensures that sales is working with leads that are truly interested in the services or products being offered. The Behavior lead scoring model involves identifying various sales-ready behaviors and actions, and associating [...]

How to Create HubSpot Landing Pages that Convert

A landing page could be considered the halfway point between an email and a website. It is more content-rich than the former but without the many distractions of the latter. A landing page aims to convert visitors into leads, in most cases, by offering something of value. In this article, we discuss some essential landing page guidelines. Though all landing pages share these fundamentals, they are not created equal. There are plenty of examples of free landing page templates and designs on the web. However, what works for another company’s product or service may not necessarily work for yours. Here [...]

3 Tips to Avoid Campaign Catastrophe in International Marketing

As marketers we find ourselves grappling with the need to expand, grow, and scale everything we do to achieve our company’s overall goals. It can be difficult for a small or medium-sized corporation to initially build an international marketing strategy. Typically, they don’t have the expertise or budget to launch the campaign. But it’s not impossible. What can these businesses do to avoid a marketing catastrophe in international markets? Define international success and why you need it. Find strategic partnerships within your new global market. Create campaigns with localization in mind. 1. Define international success and why you need it. [...]

Why HubSpot for Small Business is Right for You During COVID-19

The Current Situation  We are living through unparalleled times, and honestly, it’s a little scary. At this point the Coronavirus has touched every walk of life, big and small. The “stay at home” orders have forced small businesses around the world to lose out on business, and the slowing economy is causing consumers to spend far less than normal.   Vonazon wants to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel. As a HubSpot Diamond partner, our goal is to help you generate revenue and avoid costly long-term mistakes. Prepare for a new age of business and learn why your small business needs HubSpot’s robust set of tools and our strategic know-how.  What is HubSpot?  So, what is HubSpot? [...]

What Is White Space? And Why Is It Important In Digital Marketing?

“It needs some more white space” … “I love the use of white space in this layout” … “There’s too much white space.” As a designer, I hear and use this word almost every day. It is a powerful term used in the design world and can make or break a design. Lately, it is something that plays a more important role in digital marketing as we strive to create more user-friendly experiences.   What is white space? White space is empty space in a design or negative space that exists around all content in a design layout. The space [...]