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How to Succeed Using In-House Trade Show Staff

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Although I’ve written numerous posts about the enormous benefit of hiring professional staffers when exhibiting at a trade show, I understand that some companies will always insist on only bringing their internal team to the event. While in-house trade show staffing can definitely produce effective and positive results, it’s imperative to set aside extra time to properly train your employees. Here are just a few things to keep in mind to ensure a successful event. It’s all about attitude. Remember that the most vital aspect to effective in-house trade show staffing is picking team members that have the right attitude. Your team [...]

What is Corporate Branding, Anyway?

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There are so many different factors at play in a corporate branding campaign that it’s almost remarkable they can all fit underneath the same umbrella. From deciding a specific genre of products or services that your company will have to offer to designing your logo, from picking your brand colors to deciding which fonts will be used to communicate your messages, establishing a company’s brand can take an army of experts working tirelessly for weeks to truly come to fruition.   Another factor you’ll need to consider as you think through your corporate branding is the branding message you want [...]

Five Tips to Jump Start Your Modeling Career

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Modeling can be a highly glamorous and lucrative career, filled with lots of opportunities. Being considered a model doesn’t mean you have to be a bombshell knockout like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. You can also get plenty of experience and make lasting connections with key industry professionals by being a promotional model at events like trade shows. Here at Vonazon, we interact with promotional models on a daily basis and our experiences have taught us many lessons that we would love to pass on to up-and-coming models. No matter what kind of modeling career you aspire to have, here is [...]

How To Hire The Perfect Graphic Designer

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Working with a graphic designer can either be an extremely rewarding or highly painful experience. The truth is that finding a talented, effective designer who can properly convey the visual elements of your business is not an easy task, especially while sifting through the wealth of options in today’s world. When hiring a graphic designer, it is crucial to do lots of thorough pre-planning and research to find the best match. We have our own in-house team of graphic designers and we’ve been down this road before, so now we’ll show you some techniques that have worked well for us. [...]

The 7 P’s Of Marketing And Trade Show Planning

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Say it with us: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” Would you ever try to vacation internationally without ample prior planning? Or go into a presentation for a major client thinking that it’s a wise choice to just “wing it?” Of course you wouldn’t. With big events like these, there are either too many moving pieces or too much at stake to leave anything up to chance. The same is true for trade show presentations, so get your trade show planning hat out and put it on. You’re going to need it. For experienced trade show participants, the concept [...]

Four Imperataive Elements Of A Killer Sizzle Reel

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It’s no wonder that YouTube is one of the most popular social networks in the world. In fact, it’s also the second largest search engine! Are your clients finding you?  Video is an exciting, engaging media the likes of which print ads, radio spots, and other marketing collateral just can’t compete. You owe it to yourself and your brand to leverage video as a marketing tool, and a killer sizzle reel is just what you need to make that happen.   If you’re new to the term, a sizzle reel is a short video that incorporates music, graphics, and other effects [...]

The Value Of Gag Marketing Campaigns

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People like to laugh. No wonder, when you consider how much laughing is tied into both wellness and survival, from laughter yoga classes to the Inuit on their icebergs. With all of this leading to higher scores in the feel-good rankings, a number of marketers have made their move to make mirth part of their marketing mix. Vonazon ran its own gag marketing campaign to coincide with April 1. The subject? Our latest breakthrough in making any trade show booth a success – Robobabe, the trade show robot and the “future of Vonazon staffing”.  Good Reasons for Serving up Humor [...]

At Vonazon, You Are The Heart Of Our Business!

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It’s Only the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship! As people around the world wake up to Valentine’s Day, we wanted to thank you for helping to make Vonazon, The Exhibitor’s Choice! It’s been our goal to spread the marketing love in new ways and share the adoration for your business at trade shows all over the world! Our marketing strategies show you it’s possible to forge a love affair with your clients without blowing huge budgets.   “You had me at hello.” When Renee Zellweger uttered that famous romantic line with those intense doe eyes that never looked [...]

Trade Show Social Networking Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

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‘Social networking’ is the buzziest of buzzwords out there on the ‘net. We like to say words like ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, and ‘Pinterest’; they roll off our tongues and make us look like we know what we’re talking about. But how many people in the trade show world actually understand the firepower of a fully armed and operational social media campaign? (Sorry for the Star Wars reference.) Very few – which is why education about social media’s impact on your trade show exhibit is a must. Here, I’m going to share with you great facts about social media and how businesses [...]