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What Is CRM Data Hygiene and How Can It Help You Get More Out of Your HubSpot CRM?

Anyone who works in marketing or sales understands the importance of data. A solid database is more than just reference material; it is a valuable asset that directly translates to success. Data boosts marketing across the board, whether a company is attempting to maximize its ROI or an agency is attempting to deliver solutions to clients. However, a disorganized, unprocessed dataset does more harm than good. That is why businesses must practice proper data hygiene. Almost every single CRM, especially HubSpot-supported ones, depends on a well-maintained database to function properly. Everything from distributing newsletters to sending personalized messages depends on [...]

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users and Simplifying User Experience

Nowadays, the vast majority of people own smartphones. The global mobile user base stands at 7.1 billion and is expected to reach 7.26 billion this year. We live in a fast-paced, technology-driven world, so having a website is absolutely necessary for any business to be viable. It is important to optimize the website for mobile experiences. People want to access their information quickly and while they are on the go. What Does Mobile-Friendly Mean to a User? A mobile-friendly website is one that responds or changes based on the user’s device. This could imply that the website transitions from a [...]

5 eCommerce Trends 2022 | What Trends Will Dominate This Year?

In 2021, businesses primarily focused on their online presence while grappling with the re-opening of physical spaces. Last year was all about digital transformation, but 2022 will be about standing out from the fold and meeting customer expectations. As eCommerce sales in the US approach $1 trillion, businesses must seek new competitive advantages and focus on improving customer experience to stay ahead. We’ve compiled 5 eCommerce trends every business needs to look out for in 2022. Voice Shopping and Conversational Shopping Voice shopping refers to the way customers can buy online using only their voice and a compatible smart device, [...]

Boosting ROI Through Account-Based Marketing

Capturing the attention of potential clients in the B2B sphere is now more difficult than ever. You need to focus your efforts on high-value accounts to maximize your ROI. Account-based marketing makes this possible. The process revolves around combining sales and marketing expertise to find, engage, and convert the most important account while weeding out the low-value ones. Here are some statistics to show how effective account-based marketing can be: According to 87% of marketers, ABM outperforms other marketing activities. 62% of marketers say they have seen a positive impact since implementing ABM. Companies with mature ABM strategies attribute 79% [...]

What is a Data Breach? How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Data breaches do happen from time to time. However, they do not have to be detrimental to your daily company operations - if you have the proper knowledge. Business owners must understand what a data breach is and how to protect their company’s assets from cyber-attacks. Let’s take a closer look a what a data breach is, common causes of breaches, and steps to take for increased protection. What Is a Data Breach? A data breach is defined as the unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or acquisition of confidential data. This can include personal information such as social security numbers or [...]

Using Google Data Analytics to Measure the Quality of Your SEO Traffic

The first step in improving any business effort is to measure how well it performs. The assessment and evaluation of your SEO traffic are crucial to your organic marketing success. Ranking for your target keywords is great and can help with brand recognition, but what matters most is how well the traffic aligns with your business goals. In this article, we'll look at a variety of Google Data Analytics metrics to help you develop a solid SEO strategy and learn more about what constitutes high-quality traffic. Why is Traffic Quality Important for SEO Success? Quality traffic is what puts your [...]

Marketing Agency vs. Freelancer | When to Enlist Their Help

As a business owner or manager, you're well aware that you and your team can't do everything. Moreover, some projects require a higher level of expertise than others. There are so many things to take care of that it sometimes feels as if the days aren't long enough. As a result, you may want to consider outsourcing some of your operations to free up time for your team to work on other, more important projects. Digital marketing is one of them. Making sure you have an incredibly strong marketing approach is one of the most critical aspects of building a [...]

What is a KPI Report and How To Choose the Right One for Your Business

It’s difficult to measure how your business is doing without specific metrics. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) help ensure your company's long-term success by quantifying it. They serve as a framework for evaluating your progress and identifying the areas where you need to improve. You'll need a KPI report to review and analyze your KPIs quickly and easily. They allow you to see where your business stands in relation to the strategic objectives you set. A good KPI report is also intuitive, allowing even non-technical users to understand the data's trends, relationships, and insights. We'll go over what a KPI report [...]

How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO – An On-Page Approach

Creating a blog is one of the most effective strategies for increasing traffic to your website and building brand awareness. It's how you get people to see your website by using search engines like Google. Here are the facts: Companies with active blogs produce 67% more leads. Updating blog posts can result in a 106% increase in traffic. Blog posts are more effective than email, e-books, and white paper content. However, you can spend a lot of time and money creating content for your blog only to discover that you're getting little to no traffic. If this is the case, [...]

5 Reasons to Evaluate Your Marketing Automation with HubSpot Performance

As we head into the new year, firms should be asking themselves - am I making the most of my marketing automation? Reports show that 51% of companies are currently using automation to drive their marketing strategy, with more than half of B2B firms planning to adopt the technology in the near future. By now you understand the importance of marketing automation as it pertains to your inbound strategy. But it’s not something you can simply set and forget. You need to be actively evaluating and updating your Hubspot strategy on a consistent basis. Here’s why: To Hit ROI Goals [...]