In the struggle for relevance and consumer engagement, Instagram as a marketing tool has emerged as one of the undisputed champions of online advertising. Initially, brands viewed Instagram as optional, but now with over 1 billion daily active users, it’s become a necessity. Companies that use the best Instagram marketing tools can expand the reach of their audience by attracting enthusiastic followers ready to connect with businesses they love. The key to leveraging Instagram’s vast user base is by creating the perfect user experience with the right marketing tips.

Before you go off to the races, know that boosting your marketing through Instagram is easier said than done. Only the best Instagram marketing practices, along with time and diligence, can transform your brand into a social media authority. Fortunately, we’ve laid the groundwork for you with this guide to using Instagram as a marketing tool.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is a fun and innovative way to advertise your brand’s culture, attract new talent, connect with customers, and boost brand awareness. As the preferred platform of nearly 30% of all social media users aged 25-34, Instagram is the premium destination for small businesses, brands, and influencers. Whether you’re a small business or a corporate empire, you’ll need help finding a more efficient way to reach your target audience than the Instagram marketing tools provided by the platform.

Why Instagram Should Be Used as a Marketing Tool

Instagram has always been an outlier as a marketing platform to reach wider audiences. It quickly differentiated itself from other social media platforms by being the first to offer in-app filter features, allowing brands to edit high-quality images and videos used to promote products or services. The best Instagram marketing tools, like hashtags, make accessing broader audiences easier for brands. Companies can attach their products to calls-to-action that resonate well with interested customers. Instagram marketing tools are also easy to use, adaptable, and flexible for your marketing strategy’s budget. If you want your brand to have a lasting impact on social media, Instagram is the place to go.

10 Of the Best Instagram Marketing Tips

Now that you understand how Instagram works, it’s time to learn how to market like a professional and take your brand to the next level. By following these marketing tips and tricks, you’ll not only begin to see your audience grow, but you’ll also discover new opportunities to create unique value in your products or services:

Optimize Your Profile

Always remember the importance of making an excellent first impression. The time between users scrolling past your brand or deciding to become a customer happens quickly. These advertising tips will help you design profiles that grab as much attention as possible.

The first step to utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool is to solidify your target audience. Older audiences want precise, uniform content, whereas young adults love creative expression. Write a short but professional bio painting a story about your brand using images, videos, and catchy hashtags. Above all else, create an identity that will draw eyes to your profile while gaining interested followers.

Timing is everything

Skilled marketers are never late, nor are they early. They post on Instagram precisely when they mean to. Posting when your Instagram audience is active is the ideal way to boost visibility and audience engagement. You want to catch your followers at the right moment of their weekly routine when they need a work break or distraction. Generally, the best window for peak engagement is weekdays between 11 AM to 2 PM CDT. Posting content around hours most important to the lifestyle of your customers is going to be essential.

Step up your visuals

On a photo and video-sharing app like Instagram, this goes without saying. The higher quality of the visual content, the harder your impact will strike. That means you utilize well-lit images focusing on detail to convey a clear message. Try playing around with Instagram’s innovative filters to enhance the appearance, improve lighting, remove unwanted photo bombers, or add fun effects like emojis. Make sure to pair these visuals with a meaningful caption—something short, but conveying value in a way customers will respond positively to.

Encourage audience engagement

Making your followers feel like they’re contributing to your brand experience humanizes your offerings, transforming followers into brand ambassadors. One way to boost engagement is to run viral giveaways, where you offer a chance to win a prize. People who want that gift card, discount, or big-ticket item will follow you to get it. If you want a free way to raise engagement, try asking your followers for user-generated content. Start reposting user-generated content highlighting positive customer experiences to see your engagement skyrocket.

Use effective hashtags

Few Instagram tools build an audience better than hashtags. The proper tags make it easy to find your content using Instagram’s algorithm. You want something relevant and catchy without seeming disingenuous. Use brand hashtags specific to your products or service. These take slightly longer to gain traction among audiences but have to get the best results over time.

Post powerful stories

Unlike most social media posts, stories are only available to see for 24 hours. This short time window creates a certain ‘fear of missing out’ among audiences, generating higher urgency to view those posts. The more you design stories to tug at customers’ heartstrings or values, the stronger that need to watch becomes. Use powerful imagery and calls-to-action to build buzz around products struggling on regular posts and push followers toward sales with embedded shopping links in your stories.

Partner with influencers

Are you looking to maximize brand awareness and gain lots of new followers in a short amount of time? Try forming a partnership with a popular influencer on Instagram. Big or small, influencers will work with your brand for the right incentive. Collaborating with influencers allows you to network with a broader audience and convert their followers into customers. There are influencers for every possible niche your products might fill, so you’ll have many options for running influencer promotion campaigns.

Post Daily Instagram Reels

Reels can be opportunities to show off the value of your brand and its products while attracting attention. Instagram reels are a helpful feature recently added to the platform, allowing you to produce short but exciting videos. Generally, the format for Instagram reels is 15 seconds long and based on music, effects, and captions. Effective reels can expand your reach and raise engagement rates through specialty content like how-to tips linked to your website.

Experiment with different types of content

One of Instagram’s biggest benefits is its several creative content features. Finding your niche might require experimenting, but don’t be afraid. Instead, choose to see it as an investment in learning the types of images, videos, and content strategies your audience responds well to online. Always remain active, however, because engagement requires being on Instagram at the right time.

Analyze Your Results

One surefire way to reach out to measure Instagram marketing success is to analyze the monthly metrics of your Instagram content. Pay attention to how many accounts viewed your posts, your target audience, Instagram comments, total followers, and earnings. Using features like Instagram insights or google analytics for those data points are excellent ways to track how well or poorly your posts have been performing. Once you have that information, you can adjust your marketing strategy for greater engagement.


Instagram has leveled the playing field in advertising, and marketers can find massive success by using this platform as a marketing tool. Evolving technology and popular trends shape Instagram’s platform toward additional marketing features for posting content on the app. As a result, opportunities can be found on every corner of Instagram, depending on how creative you’re willing to get. By following these marketing tips and tricks for Instagram, you’ll see the audience engagement you’ve been searching for in no time.