Meet your new best friend…

Tori Wilson

Account Manager

Marketing Strategies 85%
Copywriting 75%
Client Relations 90%
I once took a test that described my personality as an introverted thinker with extroverted intuition. I think I fit this description because I’m analytical, adaptive in situations, a good listener, and definitely in need of a good balance of activity and seclusion.
As an Account Manager, I act as a strategist, guide, and friend to clients to ensure that their marketing goals are met. I find copywriting to be my one of my favorite tasks, because I thoroughly enjoy creating content that will capture and keep your attention.
Outside of work you’ll find me enjoying happy hour with friends and family, trying paleo recipes, at a record store, or attempting to learn French. In the future I hope to get more stamps in my passport with my husband and get cast on the TV game show Big Brother.