Meet your new best friend…

Kira Carson

Staffing Coordinator

Project Coordinating 100%
Vetting & Recruiting 100%
Sales & Marketing 95%
Tall enough to keep my head in the clouds, I have a dreamer’s outlook, a fascination of the supernatural, a body temperature that runs “freezing-cold” (I swear they keep the AC in this office at 66°), and a fear of rollercoasters.
As Staffing Coordinator within Vonazon Talent, I use my strong and strategic planning skills to make the perfect match between our Talent and our clients, over and over again. I’m basically without the romance or roses.
When I’m not drafting up a contract or five, you can find me serenading my dog with love songs on the guitar, hoping to catch a Dawson’s Creek rerun, or enjoying a combo plate at the nearest Mexican restaurant.