Meet your new best friend…

Alex Lopez

Marketing Automation Specialist I

Marketing Automation 95%
Creativity 85%
Writing 80%
From the moment of his conception, Alex was destined for marketing glory. Forged by fire and flame and steel, when he’s not busy specializing in Marketing Automation, he’s letting his daughter dress him up as a beautiful princess – Princess Elizabeth.
His role at Vonazon is a simple one: to make you money. Whether it’s designing sleek landing pages or building out fun, enticing emails, this Marketing Automation Specialist gets the job done. What’s the best way to increase your ROI? Two words: Alex Lopez.
Alex is many things: a food lover, a movie lover, fortune teller to the stars. But the thing that really gets his motor running? His family. He loves family and for him, nothing is more important than spending quality time with them. Well, maybe money is a close second, but right above that is family. Well…