Graphic Design

Infographics & Whitepapers

Educate & Engage Your Leads


Infographics are powerful tools to communicate, educate, and persuade. Plus, they’re fun to read! However, they require a great deal of thought and planning to execute properly. An effective designer must possess in-depth knowledge pertaining to your products, services, and a detailed understanding of how viewers’ minds connect words and images.

Vonazon’s skilled designers bring you a perfect mix of these elements. Working together, we’ll fashion infographics that will drive your messages home.


Whitepapers are growing more colorful and enticing. What once were stodgy essays overflowing with details about technical matters have evolved into creative marketing tools that expose a consumer need and show how your company can solve it. Increasingly, whitepapers have adopted graphics, some even looking more like extended infographics than whitepapers of old.

Don’t let your whitepapers look dated! Talk to us. Let our expertise bring new life – and new persuasiveness – to your whitepapers.