Meet your new best friend…

Tony Herrera


Marketing Strategy & Trends 94%
Sales Support 86%
Client Relations 71%
Graduating with a Communications Degree, I’ve learned that you’re never not communicating and that everyone has a different communication style. As our Marketing & Sales Representative I manage clients, nurture prospects and generate leads by using these different styles of communication.
My parents call me Juan, my friends call me Tony, but you can call me anytime. If I don’t answer the first time, it’s because I’m calling you. I understand the importance of hard work and dependability, thanks to my family and friends. I like meeting new people and maintaining friendships, no wonder why they got me generating new leads…
On the weekends I love playing soccer and golf. Both sports have taught me the importance of cohesively working with others and being independent/accountable for my actions. Other than playing sports I like sneaking my own food and drinks to the movies.