Lack of Long-Term Marketing Strategies

The CU Denver School of Public Affairs was facing several compelling digital marketing hurdles when they came to Vonazon. They were sending one–off emails with the hope of gaining valuable engagement from a single touch point on their monthly webinars, upcoming university events, and overall outreach. On top of that, they hadn’t set up any analytical or reporting metrics to properly assess the effectiveness of their efforts.

Of course, the overall goal was to express the unparalleled expertise and experience that an education at CU Denver brings. The problem was they didn’t know how to properly reach more prospective students—that’s when they came to Vonazon for some help.


Create Constructive Development Strategies & Reporting Metrics

Vonazon’s first approach was to create long-term marketing strategies that would increase the number of touch points that were engaging our leads and contacts. This would not only lead to a higher amount of responses to CU Denver’s informational webinars, but also to their website and brand as a whole.

By optimizing their strategy, we were prepared to enhance their content and improve our overall reach to their clientele.

Once we accomplished this, we wanted to analyze and develop valuable reporting metrics to assess the trends of our efforts—not only where CU Denver would be connecting, but also where they could improve as they continued to move forward.


Create, Implement, Report

Beginning with a long-term strategy development, Vonazon was able to implement a campaign that not only ensured outreach prior to their event, but during and after the event as well. We were able to inform prospective students of important dates, requirements, and information prior to sessions. We could remind them the day of their occasion, and re-engage them afterwards as well.

However—without accurate reporting—evaluating these trends would have been a much tougher endeavor. We begin to analyze not only our opens, clicks, and deliverability, but we were also able to assess engagement within their website, and conversions on their forms. This gave us tremendous insight into how our strategies were working for them.

Average Open Rate
Boost in Open House Attendances
Increase in Website Visitors


Highly Elevated Engagement and Reporting

Once our newly infused strategies and campaigns took hold, we saw not only a considerable increase in engagement with CU Denver’s content, but an overall increase in Webinar, Open House, & University Event attendance as well.

Now that CU Denver has long-term marketing strategies in place, they can and will continue to see increased traffic to their university and can focus their resources elsewhere to progress moving forward.

By implementing effective analytical tools, not only can CU Denver asses the trends of their marketing efforts to enhance their projects for the future, but we gained valuable information on the demographics of their audience. With the metrics Vonazon put in place, CU Denver will now be able to see what degree each student is interested in, what organizations they are with, what year of their education they are completing, and precisely which website pages their visitors are reviewing and how many they view.

These vast improvements from when CU Denver began their partnership with Vonazon renewed not only their excitement for marketing, but for the endless possibilities that now lie ahead.


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