Is Using Social Media For Business Effective?

//Is Using Social Media For Business Effective?

Social media: is it a time-waster or a valuable tool to connect with your buyers?

Considering how much time people spend there, being active on social media is tempting. But what about stories you’ve heard of companies pitching like crazy and getting nothing out of it?

For every company that failed, ten have succeeded. Success depends on smart social media strategies. The right social media support can make you one of that ten.

Use social media to show your business’ human side

Rather than blatantly pitching for an immediate purchase, show people the human side of your business. Each time your content appears in someone’s newsfeed, new prospects can discover you.

Approach them in a less salesy way. Engage them with useful, interesting posts, images, videos or comments. Maybe even show a little of your quirky side. Each bit of content you generate can nudge someone closer to visiting your website – or even making a purchase.

People would rather buy from people they like. By showing them more of your human side, you make choosing to buy from you instead of from a competitor more like buying from a friend than buying from a stranger.

Each time you interact, you build brand awareness and loyalty. Studies consistently show a connection between being active on social media and increased brand loyalty. And social media’s benefits reach beyond social media platforms. It can also boost your search engine rankings, as search engines increasingly appear to be using social media activity as a signal that your brand is legitimate.

Use social media to interact directly with customers

Social media also makes your customer service more transparent. Find a complaint on social media? Engage the complainant instantly, solve their problem and let the world see how dedicated you are to customer satisfaction.

Find a compliment on social media? Thank the person publicly and make them – and the others following them – aware of other ways your offerings can benefit them. Using smart social media strategies like these, enlists customers – even dissatisfied ones – in demonstrating the value of doing business with you.

Social media is a very different animal from other, more traditional, channels. But expert social media support can help you succeed.

Contact us. We’d love to show you how our social media strategies and support can make you a winner there!

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