On Sunday, Red Bull Energy Drink reached new heights with Felix Baumgartner’s much-buzzed about 24-mile skydive from space to earth. The stratos jump spectacle broke a record, being the first time a human broke the sound barrier outside of a vehicle, and it also generated a ton of publicity for Red Bull, a company that had already made a name for itself when it came to promotion via extreme acts.  Hundreds of thousands of Tweets and Facebook mentions, millions of YouTube views, and front page headlines were the payoff for Red Bull’s investment. How could this be relevant to a small business?

Even if you don’t have the means to set world records, there is definitely something to be said about creating a spectacle that can keep your brand relevant and draw attention to it.  A simple and affordable way to do this is to hand out promotional items with your brand stamped on it. Whatever giveaway you choose, remember to keep it functional and attractive to get the optimize the chances of people using it and getting your name out there. Another great promotional idea is to employ the use of media services to create a memorable sizzle reel video that either preview and promotes and upcoming event or recaps the highlights of a previous event. Red Bull’s record-breaking skydive video was posted on YouTube less than 3 days ago and has already garnered close to 8 million views. How’s that for the power of video footage?

Do you have an idea or success story of a memorable marketing gimmick that had a great payoff? Share your feedback in the comments below!

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