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With more trained and certified marketing automation specialists than any other agency in the United States, Vonazon has mastered the Eloqua support service industry.

Driving Dynamic Journeys

Eloqua is the perfect marketing tool for companies who are utilizing other Oracle applications. Whether you’re using Eloqua already or not, Vonazon can help streamline the process.

Vonazon’s Eloqua experts will help bridge the gap between technology and marketing through expert content creation, implementation and execution practices, and dynamic strategic directives.

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Options for Eloqua Support Services

  • Targeting & Segmentation
    Measure results with powerful marketing analytics and reporting features
  • Lead Management
    Implement lead scoring to qualify and organize your prospects, leads, and clients
  • Marketing Measurement
    Identify which campaigns drive the most revenue to quantify your marketing efforts
  • Web Marketing
    Orchestrate consistently across your inbound website content & outbound messaging
  • Sales Enablement
    Accelerate the contact-to-contract process and close opportunities faster
  • Customized Strategic Content
    Develop content specifically designed for your strategic marketing initiatives

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Improve your Eloqua account

Our Eloqua support services can strengthen your sales and marketing efforts through the following:


It’s not enough to simply have a large content library—your digital assets need to make sense in relation to your overall strategic marketing campaigns to help deliver upon your business development goals.

Vonazon’s expansive team of content creators can develop: customized copywriting and graphic design elements to insert in your Eloqua campaigns; detailed whitepapers, ebooks, infographics, and more for your website behind a gated form; and a content library audit to assess what existing content is usable and what needs to be retooled or developed from scratch.



Oracle Eloqua can be intimidating to understand and work within initially, but Vonazon’s trained and certified experts can help.

Our expertly trained and certified specialists can take over the monthly, weekly, and daily management and maintenance of the account in order to implement effective lead management practices. All the while, we’ll be bridging the gap between sales and marketing through real-time information synchronization.



Our team of account managers and marketing strategists take your business’s success as seriously as you do.

Trust the Vonazon team to: identify campaigns that drive revenue and implement successful tactics to campaigns that need work, provide analytic reporting on specific KPIs that matter to your business, and develop both a short-term and long-term marketing strategy that will deliver upon your overall business objectives.