How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand

By |February 23rd, 2017|Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media|

Customers care about their experience with a brand far more than marketers anticipate. Yet, when it comes to differentiation, few marketers make customer experience a priority as a brand value.   The simple truth is that in an online age where we have more buying choices than ever, customer experience has started to become a more important quality metric than price or product. Recent research shows that 89 percent of people will stop doing business with a brand when they have a poor experience. 78 percent will not even finish a transaction with a brand if they have a poor [...]

Turn Roses Into ROI With These 4 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

By |February 14th, 2017|Content Marketing, Creative|

The moon-eyed sentiments of Valentine’s Day make it hard for even the most cynical of us to avoid getting swept up in the emotion. While Valentine’s Day is certainly a recent invention, the values of love, caring and passion that it celebrates are timeless. These qualities make Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns a fun prospect that almost everyone can get behind. Encourage people to succumb to their mushiest, lovey-doviest instincts by taking these Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to heart: Use Strong Imagery Creatively, and Rely on User-Generated Content The good news for marketers is that Valentine’s Day offers a fairly rigid [...]

Native Advertising: What It Is And Why Your Content Strategy Needs It

By |February 7th, 2017|Content Marketing, Native Advertising, Social Media|

Native advertising is the practice of producing content for a particular media outlet in such a way that it seamlessly resembles other content on that site or publication. Like a chameleon, the branded content completely adopts the form and purpose of other non-branded content on the site. So, a native ad on New York Times would look almost identical compared to the news articles around it. In fact, many pieces of native content elevate these standards even higher, creating content that stands alongside some of the best, most thoughtful and most engaging work published on that outlet. The result is [...]

Act-On: Embrace the Segment!

By |January 27th, 2017|Content Marketing, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation|

Within Act-On, you want to be using your email campaigns and marketing efforts to their fullest potential by creating and molding content to fit a particular population of contacts by creating what is called a list segment. List Segmentation is the technical capability to digitally organize and distribute your contacts, prospects, and contacts under your CRM tool, or Customer Relationship Management tool, from your larger lists and put them into smaller sub-lists within Act-On. You can filter for particular behaviors or other information you have acquired from your database to populate these sub-lists. At a glance, it seems obvious that [...]

Marketing Predictions For 2017

By |January 18th, 2017|Content Marketing, Social Media|

Most companies that deal in the ever-changing world of marketing might say that it is nearly impossible to predict. Well, we’re not most companies. We dusted off out crystal ball and read the proverbial palm of 2017 just to give you a better idea of what this new year may hold for us marketers. The Future Foretold! Facebook, Google & Skynet Domination All Terminator references aside, these two digital powerhouses are practically owning the digital advertising industry. Outside of these two major platforms, the rest of the industry is shrinking rapidly. It is likely that this behavior will continue into [...]

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn & Opens A New World Of Marketing

By |January 12th, 2017|Content Marketing, Social Media|

Near the beginning of December 2016 Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for 26 billion dollars. The two companies finalized their deal on the eighth. Microsoft, in its integration plan, has a set of goals that could bring about great changes in the digital world, or as most see it, a new world of marketing. What’s the Plan, Stan? At a glance, Microsoft is planning to make LinkedIn a part of the Microsoft software much like you would have Microsoft word or PowerPoint as a necessary part of your PC package. LinkedIn will become a part of Outlook and Office Suite LinkedIn notifications [...]

Pantone’s Color Of 2017: Greenery

By |January 10th, 2017|Content Marketing, Design|

When Pantone announced the Color of the Year for 2017, it wasn’t just the graphic designers in the office who got excited. Greenery, this year’s chosen shade, is remarkably close to our very own Vonazon Green! Drinks all around in the Vonazon office! Each year, Pantone selects a particular color that is reflective of the current cultural climate. Typically, these selections influence trends in many features of design—fashion, beauty, product design, graphic design…you name it. So is this purely a coincidence that Greenery and Vonazon Green are so closely related? Or is Vonazon leading the way when it comes to [...]

Pardot – The Path Of Least Resistance

By |January 7th, 2017|Content Marketing, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation|

The key to success lies in the strategies behind your marketing campaigns. From day one, your marketing efforts should be pushing your leads down a path with the least amount of resistance to become sales qualified. Most marketers make the mistake of creating their campaigns with a single strategic approach without regard for their industry, their target audience, or best practices. Pardot will enable you to streamline your marketing efforts and push your prospects down that path of least resistance by integrating your marketing efforts with your Salesforce CRM efforts. Business to Business There’s a distinct difference between B2B and [...]

Creating Competent & Capable Marketing Content

By |December 1st, 2016|Content Marketing|

When you begin your company’s content creation, there are several things that should come to mind before you decide to launch that content marketing strategy. Almost like a pre-flight checklist. If one thing goes unchecked, it’s possible that your content, just like a plane, will crash and burn. Dark, we know… So, let’s avoid that disaster together! Before your metaphorical content marketing plane takes off, you should make sure that your content is: Findable Readable Understandable Actionable Shareable Make it Findable, Readable Use SEO guidelines or Search Engine Optimization. You should also put at least two links in the body [...]