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Two or more blogs or articles will be published related to your event, discussing the details of the specific products or services you’ll be highlighting at your booth. This not only helps your SEO by providing backlinks, but offers information that is immediately useful to your leads.

Highlight your involvement at the event. This form of Trade Show Marketing allows you to discuss the products and services your team will be showcasing, share who will be attending, encourage visits with enticing giveaways, and get them excited about the fun booth games or presentations you will have!


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During the Event

Your sales team may know the product, but do they know how to work an event floor? Trade shows are about engaging with the maximum number of people possible in order to qualify the greatest amount of leads. By hiring professional talent, you’re guaranteeing that this basic need is met. Although it is often overlooked, this is an easy form of Trade Show Marketing that will ensure a far greater ROI for all event exhibitors.

Give attendees an engaging reason to stop by! You’ll be far more memorable if your booth has a fun game to take part of or an amazing live presentation to see. By actively reaching out to your booth visitors and inviting them to take part in your exhibition, you’re letting them know that your company is both approachable and enjoyable. Everything from a simple ring toss game to a rousing round of Jeopardy is possible.

Ah, the famous trade show giveaways. Some call them tchotchkes, some call them swag, but everyone leaves the show with at least one thing! Giveaways are not only a great way to get people to stop by your booth, but they also ensure your company branding is dispersed and allows your attendees to leave with something physical to remember you by! This might be the most common form of Trade Show Marketing, so make sure you partake of this tradition. Your visitors expect it!

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A lot happened at the event. Remind everyone of the highlights with this final piece of Trade Show Marketing! Ideally sent out 72 hours after the event, this newsletter wraps up your company’s involvement and encourages leads to reconnect with your business. By inviting your newly obtained leads back to your website, you will generate traffic and encourage a sale to take place.

What better way to share your booth’s successes than in the form of a fun, brief highlight reel? Recap on the excitement of the show while reminding viewers what your CEO and salespeople’s names are and what they look like. They’re much more likely to want to do business with someone who they remember!

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