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Don’t be fooled—it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re browsing your own social media page. However, this is exactly what you want from a business perspective! The point of your company’s social media pages is to offer value and enjoyable information to your followers. This isn’t just another place for you to sell. Rather, social media websites offer a legitimate platform for you to engage with those who are interested in your brand. Here is where you can build your company’s reputation not only as one who has the answers that your clients need, but also as one with whom people enjoy interacting.

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Linked in

Used as a professional tool, LinkedIn allows users to build an online profile that is, in essence, a digital resume. However, this does not limit the usefulness of LinkedIn to those who are seeking a job.

With well over 1 million active groups and 332 million users, LinkedIn allows for professionals to connect with one another in direct, targeted ways that they never have been able to before. Because LinkedIn is a social media website for the working world, the opportunities for professional development within their online industry groups is unparalleled. Similarly, companies are encouraged to develop their own pages with subsequent Showcase Pages to highlight their products and services.

Consider LinkedIn your digital handshake. Make sure it’s strong and welcoming!


With over 1.35 billion active users worldwide, it’s probably safe to say that you’re on Facebook. Even if you’re not personally registered on the social site, I’m sure at least one person from your company is! Considering that’s 19% of the total human population, imagine how many people you’re missing a connection with by not having a company Facebook page!

Those who utilize this social media space effectively know that the majority of time spent on Facebook is by those who are looking to “waste time” in an enjoyable, lighthearted way. Company pages that post relevant but fun content that’s mixed with direct value flourish on this social site.

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Twitter logo


Of all the social media sites, Twitter is perhaps the most adaptable when it comes to professional utility. Companies can tweet to their followers to provide worthwhile branding, marketing, news, promotions, and especially interesting content. Even more useful is the ability to connect with people, even those who aren’t following you.

Individuals often use Twitter as a sounding board for complaints, so this is the opportunity companies have to address the problem head on. Tweet directly to the person and offer a solution. Provide feedback. Let them know you’re taking it seriously and you just might save yourself from a lost client!

At the end of the day, having a Twitter means being accessible.


Need one simple reason to have a social media presence Google+? You will rank higher in Google searches.

Google is easily the world’s most popular search engine and by using the tools it readily provides to you, you can ensure your business is being taken seriously by Google’s search algorithms. Google+ can assist with your inbound marketing by drawing new visitors in to your site and providing trusted mapping, phone numbers, business information, and even recent posts from your Google+ page!




Would you rather read a full page document detailing what a business does or watch a 60 second video telling you the same thing? Your time is valuable…and your customers’ time is valuable, too! Do them a favor and create videos to get your message across rather than sending out another dull brochure.