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Professional Pardot Support Services


Trust the experts for Pardot support services. Vonazon houses more trained and certified marketing automation specialists than any other agency in the US.

B2B Marketing Automation

If you’re a B2B marketer, we’ve got good news: Pardot was made with you in mind. Whether you’re already using Pardot or are interested in purchasing it for the first time, Vonazon will help ensure your success.

If you’re using Salesforce already, Pardot is the perfect marketing tool. Vonazon will help make sense of the two platforms and enable them to work together seamlessly through expert content creation, implementation and execution, and strategic direction.

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Pardot Support Service Features

  • Engagement Studio
    Develop detailed campaign workflows to send the right content at the right time
  • Automation & Segmentation Rules
    Add or remove prospects to campaigns, change lead scores, edit field data, and more
  • ROI & Lifecycle Reporting
    Discover your true return on investment and watch your leads become qualified opportunities
  • Dynamic Content
    Create and implement content that’s fully customized to your target markets
  • Lead Scoring & Lead Grading
    Quickly identify who your hot prospects are so you can hand them off to sales
  • Salesforce CRM Integration
    Conduct seamless integration with your company’s Salesforce CRM account

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Pardot Support Services

Vonazon can streamline your Salesforce & Pardot instances through:


Are you finding yourself frustrated that you’re not able to create the kind of content or the amount of content you need?

Vonazon can help by quickly developing: copywriting and graphic design for marketing automation assets like emails and landing pages, customized templates to create consistent branding, and rich downloadable materials to gate behind a form to convert website visitors.



Pardot can be intimidating to understand, especially when you need to sync everything appropriately with Salesforce.

Our trained & certified Pardot consultants have the experience you need to implement meaningful automation and segmentation rules, synchronize your marketing automation and CRM to facilitate real time data exchange, and develop advanced analytics to review with our strategic directors.



Our account managers and strategic directors are continually trained in today’s most effective sales and marketing tactics, so you can rest assured knowing your business will continue down the right path.

Together, we can work to bridge the gap between sales and marketing by incorporating both departments in strategy sessions early on. Our marketing strategist will help empower sales to connect faster with help from streamlined marketing campaigns, along with creating impactful Top, Middle, and Bottom of Funnel lead nurture programs to transform leads into opportunities and then into sales.