Meet your new best friend…

Tristan Baer

Strategic Account Manager

Marketing Strategies 95%
Engagement Scoping 90%
Strategic Evaluations 85%
As a Political Science major in college, I learned first-hand how candidates market themselves to voters, and in turn, it taught me a lot about how to market to others as well.  If the name looks familiar, I’ll save you some time (yes, I know the boss well).  I enjoy sports, fitness, and anything politics so let’s cut to the chase, with a witty bio like this, do I have your vote?
As an Account Manager at Vonazon, I act as your go-to for any needs you may have.  From strategy development and execution to a simple phone call, I am here to build genuine relationships with my clients and not only meet, but exceed your expectations.
When I’m not managing your accounts, I’m managing about $40 worth of meat on the Bar-B-Que by the pool (this is the real stressful work).  I enjoy socializing with friends, playing hockey, and trying not to take life too seriously.