Meet your new best friend…

Tim Rowley

Sales & Marketing Assistant

Marketing Strategy & Trends 99%
Marketing Automation 95%
Web Design Management 80%
Competing is in my nature and teamwork is essential. By playing baseball throughout my life, I gained a lifelong value and understanding of synergy. However, don’t be fooled by what some may deem as a jock. I am a USC graduate and contribute many of my successes from participating and valuing the sports realm. I have worked internationally and travelled to 14 countries in my young career which allowed me to truly appreciate the overlooked treasures in life. I approach every task and opportunity with passion.
Curiosity is the key. Looking under the hood and asking the right questions is what I do. By outlining a client’s objectives, I’m able to produce efficient campaigns and produce top line revenue. I pride myself in finding solutions and exercising all options when a challenge arises. My proficiency in HTML and CSS allows my curiosity and creativity blossom in the marketing automation market.
When I’m off the clock at Vonazon, I like to keep the clock going mentally and physically. Whether it’s exploring foreign places, playing softball, or flying my drone, I strive by being constantly active which is all done with my unofficial son / pup, Hank, by my side.