Meet your new best friend…

Rebecca Tait

Strategic Account Manager

Marketing Strategies 95%
Engagement Scoping 90%
Strategic Evaluations 85%
My name is Rebecca. Humorous, cat-loving, and efficient, I’m here to help you brew the best strategy for you and your company. I have had the opportunity to travel internationally to network and study businesses. I’ve brought that global experience and perspective home.
My art background lends some much-needed creativity to my marketing skills, helping me to devise innovative campaign strategies. Each strategy I craft is tailored to meet your company’s unique products, services, and needs.
I enjoy the outdoors a latte: traveling, kayaking, camping, and Disneyland. When I need some downtime, I curl up with a new book, the tallest iced Americano I can get my hands on…no sugar, please, and my cat, Oliver, so he can explore new worlds with me.