Meet your new best friend…

Gail Weinstein

Marketing Manager

Writing & Editing 95%
Marketing Strategy 95%
Live Presentation 95%
Hardworking, detail-oriented, and wordy. As the go-to proofreader and editor in the office, I make it my mission to know as much as possible about marketing to ensure the best strategies are put in place for Vonazon and our clients. Plus, I’ll make sure you use the right there, their, or they’re.
Is your marketing not what you want it to be? Are you curious about new technologies or strategies? Do you want to talk shop and get really nerdy? I’m always available to discuss! Give me a call, shoot me an email, or attend one of my classes—let’s connect and grow together. #talknerdytome
When I’m not burning the midnight oil at the office (and let’s be real, most of the time I am), you can find me napping, petting puppies, or riding my motorcycle down PCH. Is one of those things not like the others?