Unengaging Content, Unengaged Leads

Pangea was experiencing multiple setbacks on their website and corresponding email marketing that was negatively impacting their digital impact. Their graphics and visuals weren’t very engaging; their text-to-image ratio was out of proportion, making their content difficult to engage with; their calls-to-action were not well-placed and did not yield high conversion rates; their copy was not effective, and did not utilize keywords appropriately.

Additionally, Pangea was missing a critical marketing component: a thorough lead nurture strategy. Without this critical component to keep prospects engaged, they were only sending one-off emails. These “one-and-done” messages acted as the end of the road for outreach, and no long-term engagement strategy was being facilitated.

All of this amounted to one major problem: Pangea’s website traffic and engagement was plummeting. Without the right content to get prospects interested and to keep them hooked, Pangea knew they were losing opportunities and that it was time to bring in an expert to get them back on track.