Minimal, Unsatisfactory Outreach

The Biggest Loser Resort was facing a few significant digital marketing roadblocks before they began working with Vonazon: they had not identified their buyer personas, so all of their email blasts were generic and unfocused; the overall quality of their content was not that strong; and they did not have any sort of long-term marketing strategies in place. To top it off, they did not know the rules pertaining to CAN-SPAM compliancy, so they settled for sending to only 15% of their database.

Although they knew they could be doing better, The Biggest Loser Resort did not know where to start or how to prioritize the solutions they needed implemented.


Strategic Expansion & Content Development

Vonazon’s goal was to straighten up the state of The Biggest Loser Resort’s marketing, and to do that, we needed to start with the basics: organizing their database, cleaning their records, and realigning their buyer personas based on their optimal targets. Once we had a handle on who we had to work with on a marketing front, Vonazon would then be able to develop a strategy to target them strategically.

To expand the reach of The Biggest Loser Resort, Vonazon proposed to steadily increase the number of leads we targeted to help build up their sending reputation, distributing well-thought-out messaging with consistent branding. This approach would also create a continual stream of MQLs to send off to sales.


Clean, Organize, Grow

Once The Biggest Loser Resort’s contact database had been cleaned up, Vonazon began to consolidate their static lists into one master list, creating segmentations based on new buyer personas that we identified, lead score, lead behavior, web pages visited, and so on.

By creating a consistent emailing schedule that sent to more people over a greater number of days, Vonazon was able to warm up The Biggest Loser Resort’s IP address, improving deliverability. Vonazon also introduced a new newsletter campaign to more effectively capture attention.

In order to understand what sort of content would be most effective, Vonazon conducted thorough A/B testing. Using those results, The Biggest Loser Resort was presented with multiple newly-developed reusable email templates, landing page templates, a web-page mockup, and a sales brochure. These assets demonstrated how content can and should be similar across platforms to create a consistent message.

MQLs per month
Average bounce rate
Increase in number of clickthroughs


Raising the Bar & Client Expectations

Once the newly branded and developed marketing content was launched, results came in quickly for The Biggest Loser Resort. There was a substantial increase in engagement with their emails, especially regarding quantity of clickthroughs to landing pages.

Now that The Biggest Loser Resort knows how active and involved their leads can be with their marketing content, a shift in executive expectations has emerged. They now have much higher goals for their marketing initiatives, and finally feel confident that their objectives are achievable.

Through the use of regular campaigns pushed out through Act-On, Vonazon was able to not only identify the types of content that The Biggest Loser Resort’s leads want to consume the most, but we have also been able to develop out long-term strategies that will continue the significant growth and interaction between the brand and their prospects.


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