What is a Good website Bounce Rate

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What is Bounce Rate Bounce rate is when visitors visit your webpage but take no further action and do not engage. Engagement can mean clicking on a second page, leaving a comment, or demonstrating interest in a product or service. There is no standard, universal measure, or threshold that determines you have a good bounce rate, but maintaining a low bounce rate that reflects good ROI is an essential SEO practice. How can user activity translate into a bounce? It can be due to a number of actions a user can take. They can hit back on their browser, click [...]

How Often Does Google Update Search Listings

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Google search results are in a constant state of change, and how often Google updates search listings depends on a variety of factors. It is crucial to understand how Google updates search listings and ranks your site to understand Google search updates and how often listings are updated. Through the use of Googlebot that crawls the entire Internet, Google constantly updates search listings to rank the relevance and authority of every webpage for any given search by a user. It is essential to understand that Google prioritizes users' experience searching the internet over the ability of businesses to improve their [...]

8 reasons why SEO Auditing is Important for Your Website

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SEO auditing is a crucial part of digital marketing and should be a fundamental element of your content marketing strategy. But you may ask, what is an SEO audit? SEO auditing is a comprehensive analysis of how well your website is working for you. It tells you not only how much traffic you are getting from web searches that translate into how many potential customers are clicking on your site but also how you can also improve those numbers. This comprehensive assessment evaluates both major and minor issues with your site that can significantly impact your site content's searchability. SEO [...]

How Sales and Marketing Can Align to Generate New Revenue

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How sales and marketing departments align within businesses is radically changing according to a way of thinking called smarketing. This concept of smarketing, first coined in 2005 by Brian Halligan, reinvents the relationship between sales and marketing teams by improving the customer journey, smoothing out the process of acquiring leads and then converting them, and generating new revenue. What is Smarketing In this business model, sales and marketing teams must be integrated and not managed as separate entities. Smarketing requires frequent and direct communication, where mutual goals for both sales and marketing mean mutual accountability. Cooperative in nature, this model [...]

What is AI Marketing and How It Is Transforming Digital Marketing

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We all have heard about artificial intelligence in one way or another, often as a perceived threat to both jobs and the significance of human creativity. The reality is that artificial intelligence has already been here for a while and can benefit multiple industries without taking them over – yet. One industry transformed by artificial intelligence is digital marketing. Before we dive into the changes AI has made to digital marketing, it is essential to understand what artificial intelligence is and what AI in marketing means. What is AI Marketing Artificial intelligence essentially mimics the cognitive functioning of humans through [...]

HubSpot Hacks: CRM Optimization and Decluttering

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Have you heard of the TV show “Hoarders”? It follows people that struggle to clean out their house of unnecessary objects. This leads to a less than ideal life that is too disorganized. All things begin to lose value because they are all treated as if they are the most important thing in life for those people and the same thing can happen if you don't have a CRM contact management process in line.  For example, this happens in businesses far more often than people care to admit. As a business owner, it is sometimes difficult to let go of [...]

Marketing Automation in Need of a Check-Up? Take the HubSpot Health Quiz.

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The proliferation of plug-and-play website builders has opened the door for businesses of all sizes to develop sharp-looking websites on a budget. Yet, despite lowering the barriers to web design and hosting, website performance has decreased over the last five years when measuring page size, requests, speed, etc. Just as software as a service (SaaS) solutions have created a new generation of sleek-looking websites with sub-average load times, the growth of intuitive marketing automation solutions, such as HubSpot, has led to mismanaged content databases and ineffective campaigns, in this article we discuss the importance of managing your marketing automation software. [...]

Lead Scoring For Behavior And Demographics

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What constitutes a qualified lead? This age-old question has plagued marketers for years. The phrase “dialing for dollars” is becoming less of the norm as digital inbound and outbound marketing has taken the lead qualification and made it much more effective. Understanding how to leverage both behavior- and a demographic-based lead scoring model will not only guarantee that the right leads are receiving the right content, but also ensures that sales is working with leads that are truly interested in the services or products being offered. The Behavior lead scoring model involves identifying various sales-ready behaviors and actions, and associating [...]

How to Create HubSpot Landing Pages that Convert

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A landing page could be considered the halfway point between an email and a website. It is more content-rich than the former but without the many distractions of the latter. A landing page aims to convert visitors into leads, in most cases, by offering something of value. In this article, we discuss some essential landing page guidelines. Though all landing pages share these fundamentals, they are not created equal. There are plenty of examples of free landing page templates and designs on the web. However, what works for another company’s product or service may not necessarily work for yours. Here [...]