Have You Taken Advantage Of Marketing Automation Yet?

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Why haven’t you taken advantage of Marketing Automation yet? From Sales Force Integration to Marketo Automation, from Exact Target to Constant Contact, there are a slew of different email marketing programs out there designed to help you simplify your marketing and make your life easier. The problem is, their programs aren’t always the easiest to understand for first-time users, and that fact has resulted in many businesses ignoring or purposely bypassing the benefits of marketing automation. Luckily, Vonazon can help you with these programs and help you build an automated marketing plan so seamless that it will make you wonder [...]

Tradeshow Dress Codes

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How to Dress at a Tradeshow While Exhibiting According to the U.S. Census, more than 15,000 tradeshows are conducted on an annual basis. Tradeshows are still one of the most effective ways for businesses and companies as well as individual proprietors to get the word out to a select base of customers as well as appreciably broaden that customer base in some instances. Some tradeshows are high-tech, high-class affairs, too, meaning exhibitioners dress to reflect their potential customer and visitor base. Other tradeshows, by contrast, attract a more laid-back or casual booth visitor base. Understanding tradeshow dress code while exhibiting [...]

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

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Cool Guerrilla Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing can be done for every business, big or small. The idea is that it is a super flexible way to get your brand’s messages out there to the people in a fun or unexpected and unconventional way. Here are some of our favorites.   McDonalds once did a piece of street art where the yellow crosswalk lines were fries and were painted coming out of a separate painting of a gigantic fry container (complete with the iconic golden arches). The marketing balanced style, advertising, and function, and provided customers with a much more visible, [...]

Tradeshows: How to Implement Touch Screens into Your Booth

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Tradeshows are also known as trade exhibitions or trade expos. A distinguishing feature at any tradeshow is the wide variety of booths set up by companies, firms, individual business and other exhibitioners, normally to display their products. Given the nature of 21st century technology, it’s only natural, as well as necessary, that any self-respecting exhibitioner at a tradeshow has at least one, if not several touch screen exhibition devices. If you’re a tradeshow exhibitioner, understanding just how to implement touch screens into your booth will be vital. Tradeshows and Implementing Touch Screens Touch screens at tradeshows seem to attract more [...]

Why Go To A Trade show?

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There were more than 15,000 tradeshows held throughout the United States in 2013. Tradeshows themselves are opportunities for businesses, companies, individual entrepreneurs and others to show off wares, describe products and attract customers, sign up clients and increase awareness. There are also a host of reasons why business professionals participate in tradeshows as well as consistently attend them, too. Why Attend Tradeshows? Some tradeshows are strictly industry affairs, attracting attendees already participating in the industry associated with this or that tradeshow, while other tradeshows are more publicly oriented, seeking to attract outsiders or new customers to the industry exhibiting its [...]

Why Your Business Should Consider Holding An Instagram Contest

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When you set out to start an Instagram account and create an Instagram page for your business, you may well find yourself at a loss for how you can quickly gain followers for your brand. Sure, you can encourage your fans on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter to follow your business on Instagram, but you also want to find a way to get some new blood in the mix. After all, the reason you are starting an Instagram account at all is that you want to widen your reach and increase the number of people who are engaging with [...]

Your Very Own Tradeshow Survival Kit

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Whether you’ve been out walking the floor at your most recent convention event, scoping out the competitors’ trade show booths and partaking in some fun trade show games, or have simply been fretting about your trade show staffing and about which employees will provide the best reflection of your brand’s values, there’s no doubt that participating in a trade show event can be an exhausting and stressful experience. It’s also an invigorating one though, loaded with fulfilling customer interactions that result in lead generation, as well as eye-opening explorations of what is currently going on in your industry. At Vonazon, [...]

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For Trade Shows

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Trade shows are an inherently social form of marketing — you engage with attendees one-on-one and build relationships in real life. That’s something static ads and direct mailers just can’t compete with. You can boost the social aspect of trade show marketing by using – you guessed it — social media! Makes sense, huh? Social media is perfect for boosting your trade show presence. (Heck, the two were practically made for each other). Without proper planning and execution, however, this perfect marriage of marketing tactics won’t mean a thing. That’s why we whipped together this handy guide, to help you [...]

Surviving A Day At A Trade Show

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Whether you’re traveling halfway across the country or world or setting up shop for your promotional company at a convention center or facility in your hometown, there are several steps you can take to seize your role as a brand ambassador and make exhibiting and marketing your organization’s products or services more manageable.The key to surviving the day without completely exhausting yourself is a well-laid out plan. Promotion companies and organizations often fly brand ambassadors to out-of-town trade shows very early in the morning and expect them to be peppy and in marketing mode as soon as their plane touches [...]

How To Execute A Great Product Demonstration At Your Trade Show

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When considering the elements of a great trade show product demonstration, it is essential your booth staff can professionally demonstrate the product and answer questions. It doesn’t make a difference how well known your company is if your staff have to ask Siri attendee questions. Adequate time should be spent training event staff to prevent any hiccups that can cost your company orders. The only thing worse than a clueless staff is no one watching the demonstration, so hire crowd gatherers to bring attention to the show. Assuming your staff is prepared and you have an audience, your booth must [...]