4 Signs You’re Not Using Marketing Automation To Its Full Potential

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Marketing automation sets most of your repetitive marketing functions on cruise control. It allows your company to focus on value added tasks and personable service during critical 1:1 touchpoints.   Yet, many companies out there are not seeing the convenience and scale they need to make marketing automation work for them. Like an unfocused driver on the highway, they set their cruise control to the wrong speed or activate it during the wrong situations. This makes them have to constantly intervene rather than sit back to let the system do the work.   Worst of all, many companies do not [...]

Video Production Agency Must-Haves

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Interested in reaching out to your customers in a new way? Consider video production. With this style of marketing, you can speak to your clients and leads like never before…by actually speaking to them! Maybe you’re looking for something serious and professional to instill a sense of confidence in your brand; or perhaps you’d like to lighten things up and convey that you’re not just a faceless corporation, that you have a fun side and you are in fact an enjoyable organization with whom to work! Regardless of the style of video you’d like to build, it’s important to do [...]

What is Corporate Branding, Anyway?

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There are so many different factors at play in a corporate branding campaign that it’s almost remarkable they can all fit underneath the same umbrella. From deciding a specific genre of products or services that your company will have to offer to designing your logo, from picking your brand colors to deciding which fonts will be used to communicate your messages, establishing a company’s brand can take an army of experts working tirelessly for weeks to truly come to fruition.   Another factor you’ll need to consider as you think through your corporate branding is the branding message you want [...]

9 Thanksgiving Social Media Faux Pas

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Time is ticking away and the short work week is almost over. Now that we’ve only got three days to get our weekly work done instead of five, I find myself wracking my brain trying to make sure all our recurring deadlines are met. Although it would be all too easy for me to put social media postings at the bottom of my team’s priority list, I know how important it is to maintain our schedule. Plus, it’s the last few days before Thanksgiving. I’d be crazy to think that a significant portion of the country’s workforce isn’t wasting a [...]

Bite the Bullet. Use Social Media.

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“Social Media Marketing?” you ask yourself, scoffing internally. “Isn’t that just for hip coffee joints and the latest viral video about soap or tortilla chips or beer?” Your business already creates beautiful graphics, your emails have a consistent open rate, and your trade show presence is reliable, professional, and fun for attendees. With all of these marketing methods conquered, how much use could your business possibly derive from social media marketing? A whole lot. If you do it right, that is. There is incredible value in marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or even on Snapchat, you just need to harness [...]

Nurturing Leads Using Marketing Automation

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Tired of losing potential customers because you don’t have time to nurture all of your leads? Consider marketing automation. If you've ever wondered about how massive corporations like Amazon.com deliver targeted recommendations and advertisements to customers, encouraging new sales along the way, marketing automation is the answer. These companies understand that not all of their leads are going to make a purchase every single day. However, they also understand that nurturing those leads and consistently updating them with new product offerings and deals will eventually pay off with higher levels of lead conversion. They have come to the realization that [...]

The Key To Quick Success: Template Development

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Throughout our lives, we’re taught that originality and creativity are some of the greatest talents a person can have. We’re taught that recreating or tweaking something is not nearly as noble a pursuit as creating something new, right from the structures of our own thoughts. However, in the business world, building everything from scratch is not always time-effective or cost-effective. That’s where template development comes into the equation. It’s a matter of fact that when it comes to business, time really is money. You may love the idea of building a gorgeous website template all on your own, or of [...]

Logos, Graphic Design, And Your Business

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Are you thinking of creating a new logo for your company? There’s more to consider than you may initially think. When most of us see famous company logos, we imagine that the images, designs, fonts, and concepts used in those logos simply must have appeared out of nowhere one day, in a single graphic designer’s fiercest burst of inspiration. But while a hallmark of many great logos is their incredibly simplistic and timeless look (think of Coca-Cola’s classic logo or Google’s instantly recognizable design), most of those images are the result of a long and labored graphic design process, wherein [...]

Ready for Panda 4.1? SEO In Six Simple Steps

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Over the weekend, Google released Panda 4.1: their new search algorithm that determines website page rank and focuses on removing both redundant and irrelevant content from their search index. It has already begun its roll-out and while some companies are receiving very nice increases in their ranking, many are receiving dramatic blows to theirs. So don’t put it off any longer! Now is the time to reevaluate your SEO practices and ensure that you don’t get burned too. The concept behind search engine optimization (SEO) is simple: keywords and phrases are used to help your website rank higher on Google [...]

The Potential Success Of Using Marketing Automation

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It’s a sad fact of marketing that not all of your lead prospects are going to be ready to buy a product from you today. However, that doesn’t mean that these leads should be discarded or forgotten. On the contrary, by nurturing those leads and keeping your brand on their radar, you give yourself a much better chance of eventually selling to them. For companies with sweeping B2B marketing campaigns and countless lead prospects, though, nurturing each of those leads individually can seem impossible. How do you keep track of thousands of potential customers or clients and keep them interested [...]