Tips to Prefect Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy and Get Results

Digital marketing dominates today’s advertising landscape. From social media content, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Google Ads, and email campaigns, you might ask yourself, “why should I invest in a trade show marketing strategy?” Or, “how am I going to get enough qualified traffic to get an ROI?” Why Should You Have a Trade Show Marketing Strategy? The proof is in the numbers:   The person-to-person networking that trade shows offer is priceless. Making personal connections at these events allows you to build new contacts and often solidifies strong business relationships. Plus, you get the chance to establish your company amongst other [...]

How to Succeed Using In-House Trade Show Staff

Although I’ve written numerous posts about the enormous benefit of hiring professional staffers when exhibiting at a trade show, I understand that some companies will always insist on only bringing their internal team to the event. While in-house trade show staffing can definitely produce effective and positive results, it’s imperative to set aside extra time to properly train your employees. Here are just a few things to keep in mind to ensure a successful event. It’s all about attitude. Remember that the most vital aspect to effective in-house trade show staffing is picking team members that have the right attitude. Your team [...]

Why You Need to Hire an Event Coordinator

Everyone has a tight budget these days, but if you find your business in the position where you’re looking to expand your lead base and obtain new clients, you should definitely look into hiring a trade show planner or event coordinator. Increasingly, these jobs are becoming more popular and more in-demand. That’s because businesses are finding more and more that reaching customers and clients face to face is often the most effective way to generate leads and make sales. And since most people view door-to-door sales as invasive, irritating, and unwelcome, trade shows and other corporate events have become a [...]

The One Easy Tip To Save You From Trade Show Humiliation

Going to a trade show is exciting, there’s no doubt about it. You’ve planned it long in advance, have spent the time to train for the event, and you’re confident that your company will generate far more business than any email marketing campaign ever could have. When the trade show finally arrives and you have a great day filled with successful interactions and have obtained more qualified leads than you ever imagined, it’s definitely a cause for celebration! But don’t get too carried away if you still have another day left at the event—remember you still need to be up [...]

Badge Scanners: Making Trade Shows More Manageable

It’s the 21st century. Why are some companies still using paper sign-up sheets to collect contact information from leads at events and conferences? Using paper and pen signup sheets are bound to cause problems. Whether it’s a pen that won’t work, illegible handwritten entries, or worst of all, having the sign-up sheet misplaced or thrown away, you run a huge risk of losing valuable information by utilizing a paper contact list. Not to mention the time it takes to manually input that information into a computer or database after the event. Talk about a negative return on investment! Thankfully, technology [...]

Professional Trade Show Staff Are More Beneficial Than In-House Employees

Trade show exhibitors often face a dilemma when planning for their upcoming event: “Should I use my in-house employees or hire professional event staffers?” Internal team members are often experts when it comes to their business’s products and services; in addition to that, they’re usually wonderful salespeople. But are those skillsets really the ones to utilize on a trade show floor? At events like trade shows, the main goal is to interact with as many people as possible and qualify the maximum number of leads as you can. This is the area where salespeople fall short of expectations. They’re great [...]

The 7 P’s Of Marketing And Trade Show Planning

Say it with us: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” Would you ever try to vacation internationally without ample prior planning? Or go into a presentation for a major client thinking that it’s a wise choice to just “wing it?” Of course you wouldn’t. With big events like these, there are either too many moving pieces or too much at stake to leave anything up to chance. The same is true for trade show presentations, so get your trade show planning hat out and put it on. You’re going to need it. For experienced trade show participants, the concept [...]

Trade Show Leads Vs. Time Wasters

Time is money, right? In the world of business it is important to know how to qualify trade show leads. Spending too much time with an unqualified prospect means losing money. But on the other hand, not spending enough time to figure out if a lead is genuine could also result in losing money.   Qualifiers for Trade Show Leads The first thing you need to do before speaking with any potential leads is understand what qualifies them. Everyone part of the sales team should know what qualifies a lead. This will be different for every business, but there are [...]

How to Find Great Leads On The Trade Show Floor

The trade show floor is one of the best avenues available for live business marketing. What truly makes a trade show, exhibition, or conference a great place to generate sales leads and customer connections is that they are generally based around a certain theme or industry. Because of this niche, targeted nature, trade shows can easily give your business access to hundreds or thousands of different people who may not know about your brand, but will be inherently interested in the products you have to offer due to their existing interest in the industry your business is a part of. [...]

Tradeshow Dress Codes

How to Dress at a Tradeshow While Exhibiting According to the U.S. Census, more than 15,000 tradeshows are conducted on an annual basis. Tradeshows are still one of the most effective ways for businesses and companies as well as individual proprietors to get the word out to a select base of customers as well as appreciably broaden that customer base in some instances. Some tradeshows are high-tech, high-class affairs, too, meaning exhibitioners dress to reflect their potential customer and visitor base. Other tradeshows, by contrast, attract a more laid-back or casual booth visitor base. Understanding tradeshow dress code while exhibiting [...]