Tackle 2018 With These Six Digital Marketing Trends

Keeping up with these top six 2018 digital marketing trends will help you gear your business’s marketing strategy for success in the coming year. 2017 was a whirlwind for digital marketing and PR in many ways, so if anything we should expect the unexpected in 2018. Yet, several ongoing digital marketing trends are all but guaranteed to continue their trajectory. Growing demand for things like video content, influencer collaborations and data security will all solidify practices that can make or break marketing success. So, to help your brand prepare for the months ahead, here are the predicted most important 2018 [...]

How to Succeed Using In-House Trade Show Staff

Although I’ve written numerous posts about the enormous benefit of hiring professional staffers when exhibiting at a trade show, I understand that some companies will always insist on only bringing their internal team to the event. While in-house trade show staffing can definitely produce effective and positive results, it’s imperative to set aside extra time to properly train your employees. Here are just a few things to keep in mind to ensure a successful event. It’s all about attitude. Remember that the most vital aspect to effective in-house trade show staffing is picking team members that have the right attitude. Your team [...]

Professional Trade Show Staff Are More Beneficial Than In-House Employees

Trade show exhibitors often face a dilemma when planning for their upcoming event: “Should I use my in-house employees or hire professional event staffers?” Internal team members are often experts when it comes to their business’s products and services; in addition to that, they’re usually wonderful salespeople. But are those skillsets really the ones to utilize on a trade show floor? At events like trade shows, the main goal is to interact with as many people as possible and qualify the maximum number of leads as you can. This is the area where salespeople fall short of expectations. They’re great [...]