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How to Hire the Right Marketing Agency for your Business

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There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selecting the right marketing agency that will complement your business, and dozens of questions to ask in that selection process. You’ll need to not only question potential agencies, but also your own goals and objectives—making sure both parties are on the same page and can work well together is going to make or break your success. Here are some of the things to take into consideration as you look to hire the right marketing agency for your business: Identify Your Company’s Needs It’s a good idea to [...]

Why No One Watches Your Webinars

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“Why is no one watching my webinars?” has got to be one of the most frustrating questions a digital marketing has to ask themselves today. If you’ve ever taken the time to develop out a ton of content and prepare your webinar presentation, only to have a very small handful of people register or actually show up for the event, you know how tempting it is to pull out your hair in upset. As maddening as this situation can be, don’t worry! There’s probably a pretty straightforward solution that you can implement for next time…developing a kick-ass pre-event webinar marketing [...]

9 Thanksgiving Social Media Faux Pas

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Time is ticking away and the short work week is almost over. Now that we’ve only got three days to get our weekly work done instead of five, I find myself wracking my brain trying to make sure all our recurring deadlines are met. Although it would be all too easy for me to put social media postings at the bottom of my team’s priority list, I know how important it is to maintain our schedule. Plus, it’s the last few days before Thanksgiving. I’d be crazy to think that a significant portion of the country’s workforce isn’t wasting a [...]

Why Experiential Marketing Is A Must For Your Business

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In the modern digital age, it’s easy for businesses to become so caught up in social media and email marketing campaigns that they forget how important it is to give their customers a chance to truly experience their brand. And while a “brand experience” can take place online, there’s something about a physical, real-world experience that can’t be replicated digitally. That’s where experiential marketing comes into the picture. Instead of just engaging customers in a passive fashion like much online marketing does, it hits them in an active way that is fun, memorable, and viscerally exciting. What is it, you [...]

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

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Cool Guerrilla Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing can be done for every business, big or small. The idea is that it is a super flexible way to get your brand’s messages out there to the people in a fun or unexpected and unconventional way. Here are some of our favorites.   McDonalds once did a piece of street art where the yellow crosswalk lines were fries and were painted coming out of a separate painting of a gigantic fry container (complete with the iconic golden arches). The marketing balanced style, advertising, and function, and provided customers with a much more visible, [...]

Tips On Building Relationships With Trade Show Attendees

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You promote your trade show presence, set up your booth and attract the people. Yet, if you fail to build relationships with trade show attendees, you have gained virtually nothing from all the effort you put in. A lot of time, effort and resources go into ensuring a successful trade show presence. Most businesses focus on getting the maximum number of people to visit their booth. However, that shouldn’t necessarily be your end goal. Your purpose should be to generate more customers for your business to stimulate growth.   That is only possible if your efforts are dedicated towards building [...]

3 Tips For Selecting The Most Effective Trade Show Booth Staff

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What might those three tips be? Turning up on time? That’s a given. How about being charming – It certainly helps, but is it enough? Dressed for the occasion? Sure, it’s always an advantage. However, it’s clear that we’re going to have to dig deeper than this to see what kind of trade show booth staff can bring you and your company the most benefit. What Results do You Want? Let’s get back to the basics. What does your trade show booth have to do for you? How you answer this will depend on your particular marketing strategy and business [...]

How Important Is A Memorable Marketing Spectacle in Raising Brand Awareness?

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On Sunday, Red Bull Energy Drink reached new heights with Felix Baumgartner’s much-buzzed about 24-mile skydive from space to earth. The stratos jump spectacle broke a record, being the first time a human broke the sound barrier outside of a vehicle, and it also generated a ton of publicity for Red Bull, a company that had already made a name for itself when it came to promotion via extreme acts.  Hundreds of thousands of Tweets and Facebook mentions, millions of YouTube views, and front page headlines were the payoff for Red Bull’s investment. How could this be relevant to a [...]

The Power Of Promotion For Trade Shows: 3 Ways To Boost Your Visibility

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The word ‘promotion’ gives headaches to marketing pros and businesses alike because to them, it usually means hard work and cost for an uncertain gain. That, naturally, isn’t true. True, if you run a promotion incorrectly, you’ll bang your head against the wall and develop an ulcer because you’ll fork over your cash without any guaranteed return. But, if you run a promotion the right way, you’ll have a powerful tool to attract visitors to your trade show booth. Why? It’s simple: People like prizes and free stuff. Here’s how you can turbo-charge your trade show promotion. Be Creative Everyone [...]