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3 Bad Marketing Habits You Need To Break Up With

By |March 2nd, 2017|Content Marketing, Marketing Automation|

Just like a toxic ex, some marketing bad habits drag you down. The only way to move forward is to cut them loose and learn from your mistakes. After all, it’s not like you and your bad habits never belonged together, it’s just that you grew apart as people.   So start enjoying a life untethered by regret by breaking up with the following marketing mistakes:   Shooting First, Asking Questions Later With Big Campaign Rollouts We know you are excited about your next big campaign, but that should mean that you want to do it justice by getting it [...]

How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand

By |February 23rd, 2017|Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media|

Customers care about their experience with a brand far more than marketers anticipate. Yet, when it comes to differentiation, few marketers make customer experience a priority as a brand value.   The simple truth is that in an online age where we have more buying choices than ever, customer experience has started to become a more important quality metric than price or product. Recent research shows that 89 percent of people will stop doing business with a brand when they have a poor experience. 78 percent will not even finish a transaction with a brand if they have a poor [...]

Native Advertising: What It Is And Why Your Content Strategy Needs It

By |February 7th, 2017|Content Marketing, Native Advertising, Social Media|

Native advertising is the practice of producing content for a particular media outlet in such a way that it seamlessly resembles other content on that site or publication. Like a chameleon, the branded content completely adopts the form and purpose of other non-branded content on the site. So, a native ad on New York Times would look almost identical compared to the news articles around it. In fact, many pieces of native content elevate these standards even higher, creating content that stands alongside some of the best, most thoughtful and most engaging work published on that outlet. The result is [...]

Act-On: Embrace the Segment!

By |January 27th, 2017|Content Marketing, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation|

Within Act-On, you want to be using your email campaigns and marketing efforts to their fullest potential by creating and molding content to fit a particular population of contacts by creating what is called a list segment. List Segmentation is the technical capability to digitally organize and distribute your contacts, prospects, and contacts under your CRM tool, or Customer Relationship Management tool, from your larger lists and put them into smaller sub-lists within Act-On. You can filter for particular behaviors or other information you have acquired from your database to populate these sub-lists. At a glance, it seems obvious that [...]

How To Stay On Track For 2017

By |January 25th, 2017|Organization|

Staying organized can be quite bothersome and difficult to stick to, but there’s always that moment when you’re looking for some document and you scramble to find it… That moment when your boss hovers over your desk impatiently, watching you desperately search through piles and piles of papers or endless lists of documents on your PC saved to a folder that you’re not even sure exists anymore. Needless to say, it’s moments like those that we want to prevent. Here are some tips and products that will help reduce the pain in your butt and help prevent your boss from [...]

Pardot – The Path Of Least Resistance

By |January 7th, 2017|Content Marketing, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation|

The key to success lies in the strategies behind your marketing campaigns. From day one, your marketing efforts should be pushing your leads down a path with the least amount of resistance to become sales qualified. Most marketers make the mistake of creating their campaigns with a single strategic approach without regard for their industry, their target audience, or best practices. Pardot will enable you to streamline your marketing efforts and push your prospects down that path of least resistance by integrating your marketing efforts with your Salesforce CRM efforts. Business to Business There’s a distinct difference between B2B and [...]

Yuletide Holiday Marketing Utilized!

By |December 12th, 2016|Social Media, The Holidays|

Some may see the utilization of the holidays as a cheap way to market to their prospects. Our holiday marketing specialists here at Vonazon use every opportunity at our disposal for superior social media marketing campaigns! Feel That Holiday Spirit! No matter what you believe in, the holidays are a time of interconnectedness, togetherness, cheer and of course, spending incredibly high amounts of money for our friends and loved ones. Take advantage of this holiday spending spirit by marketing your business especially during this month of financial calamity. People will literally be clamoring over each other for that perfect gift. [...]

The Potent Power Of A #Hashtag

By |November 29th, 2016|Social Media|

The Potent Power Of A Hashtag We see hashtags everywhere on various social media platforms; Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook! That begs the questions… What are they? Why are these things everywhere? Why is everybody using them so often? #Hashtag To put it simply, A hashtag is this: # (That pound sign directly to the left…) A fully formed hashtag may look like these: #Vonazon #VonazonTalent #Blogging #ThisBlogIsGreat They are a type of metadata tag used on various platforms of social media and microblogging services that drastically simplify the process of finding messages or posts with a specific message, theme, [...]

Bridging The Gap Between Marketing And Sales

By |November 11th, 2016|Marketing Automation|

Today’s digital marketplace can stretch you thin. Your prospects play hide-and-seek with you on a burgeoning crowd of channels. It’s hard enough just tracking them, much less relieving them of the baggage that keeps them from buying. Fortunately, this explosion of channels doesn’t happen in isolation. As the landscape expands, marketing automation comes along to help. It lets you track prospect interactions across all of your channels and share those insights seamlessly between your marketing and sales teams. Marketing automation facilitates cross-channel nurturing Tracking prospects across multiple channels takes time and effort – and still gives you murky info. When [...]